Breaking Cigar News: More Hostages to be Released by Providencia Cigars

It was only a month ago that Providencia Cigars announced the release of The Hostage to the market. In a phone call to Raymond Zinar, Marketing manager for Providencia Cigars, Ray explained to me that all hostages have been released, shipped and sold. Now that the hostages are fully in the market and in the hands of cigar aficionado’s, it is time to go back to Honduras and release more hostages.

Providencia Cigars The Hostage

Providencia Cigars The Hostage – The Last Hostage

Raymond told me, they have plans to release more hostages early In 2019. The success of the initial launch has exceeded their expectations and early feedback has been more than positive on this latest creation from the small Texas company, that continues to prove, not only could they succeed, but have succeeded in the competitive space of premium cigar offerings.

In order to maintain the quality and consistency of each and every Hostage, Providencia Cigars will be releasing up to 2,000 additional Hostages in March 2019. This next release will include bundles, boxes, and a special three cigar sampler/gift box, similar to the Trinitas box but with a Hostage motif.

Providencia Cigars has always prided themselves in producing the highest quality cigars and this next limited release of the Hostage will continue that mantra, cementing the company as a true boutique cigar brand.

No cigars will be released until they are ready for the consumer!

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