BREAKING NEWS – Stogie Press to Begin Adding Numerical Ratings to Cigar Reviews


April 19, 2018 – Melbourne, Fl 

After careful consideration and consultation, Stogie Press has decided to shift from its long-standing approach to reviewing cigars and will begin adding numerical ratings to our cigar reviews, in addition to the current comprehensive review and notes. Our research has shown that even though many consumers care less about the numerical ratings, the cigar manufacturers on the hand care a lot. The numbers help brand owners market their products and it does draw attention to those products that have higher numerical ratings.

Stogie Press Ratings Badge

Over the next two months, we will be rolling out our approach to numerical ratings. With Boston Jimmie (Editor and Publisher of Stogie Press) being the engineer he is, you can be assured our new numerical rating system will take into account a variety of parameters, and the formula will be comprehensive while being primarily objective with a touch of subjective spirit.

As we work on the rating formula we welcome any thoughts on parameters to judge a cigar; of course we have our thoughts already.

The rating system will be officially announced prior to this year’s IPCPR in July. All samples received at the show, and thereafter, will be subject to the new rating formula. Between now and then we will be updating you on the selected parameters, and then finally, the official formula and how it will work.

After nearly five years of consistent growth in Stogie Press viewership and sponsorship, over which we have been pressed by brand owners to give them a number rating, we agreed it is time!

Stay Smokey and Stay Tuned

~Boston Jimmie

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