Cigar 101: Best Solutions for Winter Time Smoking – By Mike Holmes

Winter time is fast approaching and cigar smokers in areas that get really cold are starting to panic because many people often don’t smoke during the winter due to dropping temperatures. This doesn’t have to be the case! There are a few solutions to your problem that don’t include cutting out smoking cigars. Take notes and I will give you some ideas so you don’t have to go without cigars this winter.

Smoke in the house!

If you have a cool significant other, then you will probably be able to swing smoking in the house. Where else could you be the most comfortable? You have heat, a television, and you’re closer to the refrigerator! You’re probably concerned with the smell of smoke right? Well there are several solutions to this problem as well. If you have some cash to fork up, you can buy a smoke eater such as a RabbitAir smoke eliminator. You have to keep it running while smoking and after. Boston Jimmie has one for the Stogie Press lounge and it works wonders for him! He even did a review for the particular model he has and he says it clears the room very well.

There are also other smoke eaters and odor eliminators on the market, I’m sure if you do some research you can find one that fits your budget! If your wife or girlfriend won’t let you smoke in the house then keep reading this article I’m sure I have a solution for you! 

Outside Heaters 

There are a vast array of heaters available on the market today. Some of the more popular heaters are the tall propane heaters designed to sit under while hanging outside.

They also make smaller table top propane heaters which work well for keeping you warm. Some people have nice decks where they fire up their heaters on cold nights and they swear by them. I have used a few of the outdoor propane heaters at other people’s houses or at my hangout when I’m in Seattle (Stogies n’ Hops) and I felt comfortable in 30/40 degree weather. Although I am from Florida and that is personally cold for me, some of you are probably scoffing at me saying “Hold my beer, I’ll show you cold!” Although I haven’t been in extreme cold, I do know that having a heater should help in any degree of cold weather. 

Smoke in the Garage with a Smaller Space Heater

The garage is an excellent place and probably one of the more comfortable places to smoke during the winter time. It provides a place to avoid any wind, even if it is still cold. If you have a smaller space heater you can set it up close by you to keep you warm when putting smoke in the air. This is probably one of the cheaper solutions because you can find a decent heater for a pretty cheap price and since cheap is relative to everyone I’ll just say you can find a heater in your budget for about $100 or less. You can decide what works for you personally. 

Create a He/She Shed for Winter Time Smoking 

A He or a She shed is also another great idea. With this idea the possibilities are endless! You can insulate a shed and have a heater in there for the colder months and even A/C for the warmer months. You can deck your shed out like it’s another room in your house if you want. Whatever your budget, It will give you a place to smoke and you’ll be in a comfortable environment where you can actually enjoy your cigar. 

Host a Weekly Herf at a Restaurant with Outdoor Seating

No matter where you live there are often restaurants that have outdoor seating areas with heaters already available for you to use.

I know some people have massive cigar collections already and don’t tend to frequent lounges. Smoking at a restaurant with outdoor seating and heaters provides a way for you to bring your own cigars and all you have to do is buy whiskey from the bar to help keep you warm! 

Utilize Your Local Lounge 

If you have a local cigar lounge I would highly recommend you utilize it during the winter months! Not every lounge requires a membership, so just go and buy drinks and some cigars and take advantage of the benefits of a local cigar lounge.

Get out of the cold and get some social interaction and quit being a hermit. There are other people at your local cigar shop who are in the same boat as you are, so you might as well take advantage of having a cigar lounge close by. There are people who aren’t as blessed. 

Smoke in Your Car! 

I have many friends who smoke in their cars during the long winter months. They just have to crack their windows for ventilation and turn on their heat and they have an awesome place to smoke and stay warm. It isn’t glamorous but it gets the job done! When you are done, use the tips I mentioned in my article about getting the smell out of your car.

Move to Florida or Another Tropical Climate

If all else fails and none of the solutions that I’ve suggested appeal to you, your last option is to move to a warmer climate like Florida or anywhere other than where you’re suffering in the snow filled, frigid winters. No, I’m not ragging on you….well maybe I am, but only because I live in Florida and the weather is always nice in the winter and I can smoke my stogies year round with nothing interrupting me. So if nothing else is appealing about moving to Florida, at least you can meet up with me and have a Cigar! 

Final Thoughts

I hope I have given you some ideas on how to be able to comfortably enjoy your cigars during the winter time. I live in Florida so the cold isn’t as much of an issue but for my brother’s and sisters of the leaf in colder climates it really is a yearly reality! If I missed any good tips feel free to leave them in the comment section. Thanks for reading Stogie Press!

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