Cigar Accessory Product Review – CICCAR Cigar Tip

In todays product review, Boston Jimmie from Stogie Press takes a look at the CICCAR cigar tip accessory created by Mark Ciccarello. Yep, that’s where the name CICCAR comes from. This device is designed to let you smoke the cigar down to that last flavorful millimeter.

The company’s site further explains:

“Ciccar holds it together. Ciccar gives you that best part. Ciccar is the cigar accessory that gives you the last quarter of your cigar. There’s no chewing the foot – no losing the integrity of the wrapper. There’s no robbing yourself of the best part and screwing with a soggy, crappy premature end to a really, nice cigar.”

I also found it to offer an even better draw than when not using it. So check it out – maybe a post holiday gift in in order for you.