Cigar Lifestyle: Boston Jimmie’s 60th Birthday Herf Recap – By Mike Holmes

Life is meant to be lived and lived well. To reach the age of 60 is a privilege denied to many, so to be able to celebrate such a milestone with my great friend Boston Jimmie was a distinct honor.

Photo Credit – William Cooper (Cigar-Coop)

November 9th, 2019 was truly a night to remember. Boston Jimmie threw the biggest cigar event of the year at Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge in downtown Melbourne, Florida. The shop was full of family, long time friends, and supporters of Stogie Press. With the LaZonaPalooza event and other big events going on the same weekend, the Jimmie’s herf drew a massive crowd, signifying the popularity of Stogie Press and proving our site’s significance to Brevard County and the cigar industry. There were four hours of music, drinks, food and of course cigars. Every party attendee received a green bracelet and a ticket for “Boston Jimmie Trivia”, which included questions about The Man, The Myth and The Legend – Boston Jimmie.

Before the party, Jimmie posted random facts on his Facebook page about his life growing up, which was the basis for the trivia game. Prizes were sponsored by a number of Stogie Press’ loyal sponsors and supporters including:

Also donating prizes were close friends of Stogie Press; Michael Noelle Leatherworx, and Cigar Prop. I think Jimmie gave more gifts than he received.

There were a multitude of prizes won, such as ashtrays, lighters, T-shirts and hats, boxes of cigars and samplers. There were many generous raffle prizes from our awesome sponsors and even a bonus round later on that night to finish off getting rid of all the prizes.

Before the trivia and prizes, Mike Bellody and myself took on the task of roasting the birthday boy and we received a lot of laughs! Jimmie then had a chance to throw his jabs but unfortunately he did more drunken rambling than insulting us! (Love ya bro). The highlight of the night was the “Vince Reed Band” that Jimmie booked to keep the party going. Even my grandma had a good time dancing to the music. The band is a local favorite to the Brevard County area so it was no surprise that the trio was a hit with the crowd, which came near and far to celebrate Boston Jimmie turning 60.

Support for Autism

Attendees came from New York, Texas, Michigan, Tennessee, Canada, other parts of Florida and everywhere in between. Not only was the herf about celebrating a new milestone, but Jimmie wanted to also do some good, so he set up a fundraiser for Autism research. He chose to raise money for Autism of America through Facebook fundraising. It is a little known fact that many of our fellow family of the leaf have children, friends, and relatives affected by the Autism Spectrum, so it is a cause near and dear to many. Robert Holt, who was also in attendance, personally donated over $500 to the cause on behalf of him and Southern Draw Cigars. Robert is one of the most selfless and generous brand owners and we are proud to partner with Southern Draw Cigars and many other wonderful people to raise money for such a worthy cause. If you still wish to donate you can find follow this link the on Boston Jimmie Facebook page and donate securely and safely through Facebook.

Throughout the night people could freely go to the bar with their bracelet and get drinks, open bar style, there was also an excellent spread of food catered by Petty’s Meat Market – a local town favorite. Food was h’orderve style which included meatballs, salad, chicken wings, fruit and vegetables and other finger foods. Boston Jimmie’s lovely wife Dianne who is an excellent cook made the birthday cake for this momentous occasion. She made 2 red velvet cakes with white frosting. What made the cake so spectacular was how moist the cake was. For those in the cigar industry that have tasted anything Dianne has made, know exactly what I mean. If you’re ever in Melbourne Florida contact Boston Jimmie and you can stop by DiaVita for the best meal you’ve had in years. 

As the night progressed, we all danced and laughed and brought in Boston Jimmie’s 60th year of life with a bang! When the night ended there were yet more treats to go around. Every party attendee received a gift bag with 3 premium cigars, one of which was Boston Jimmie’s personal blend that Providencia Cigars and Jimmie blended just for his birthday party. The other 2 cigars were from Stogie Press sponsors, my bag included a Drew Estate Liga Privada T-52 and a Hiram and Solomon Master Mason. There were some bags that had MLB Cigar Ventures cigars (Mike Bellody’s Company) in them. Overall Boston Jimmie’s herf was a major success! 

The party didn’t end at midnight, Jimmie knows how to party on. After the lounge cleared out, a group of us trekked over to Foo Bar across the street from Executive Cigars. Jimmie brought his banner and hung it up where we sat, smoking cigars and drinking scotch. Mike Bellody, Ryan Gallimore, Jimmie’s son Dominic, our friend Gary and Jimmie’s Canadian friend Tommy all spent about an hour unwinding, post party and sharing laughs and cigar industry stories while the drinks were flowing and random people we didn’t know all wished him a Happy birthday. Eventually we closed down Foo Bar.

After we left, we moved the festivities to the La Quinta Inn and Suites where a few of the out-of-towners were staying.We tried to hang out by the pool, unfortunately it was closed, and the management would not open it up for us, so we sat in the parking lot on the grassy area by the pool gate. Jimmie opened one of his gifts a bottle of Adburg scotch and wr continued the party acting like a bunch of degenerates smoking cigars and drinking and laughing until after 4 am. It has been a long time since I have had a long night like that but it was well worth it to make sure that my dear friend brought in his 60th birthday like the true rockstar that he is. I don’t drink as much as I used to so my drinking was light.

Mike Bellody decided not to sleep because he had a 6 am flight so he left for the airport at 4 am and Ryan Gallimore decided to head back to Miami because he’s crazy!  At the end of the night I made sure the birthday boy got home safely just shy of having to carry him into the house. I know he had a good time because before I left he gave me a big hug and had to stabilize himself from falling over in drunken bliss. Honestly in another 30 years I can hope to be as cool as Boston Jimmie on my 60th birthday. Drunk, shoeless and smoking cigars without a care in the world. To everyone that came and helped Boston Jimmie bring in his 60th year of life I say thank you for making it special. To all of Stogie Press’s friends and sponsors we appreciate your support and hope that we show it back 10 fold.

Boston Jimmie it is an honor to call you friend may the rest of your days be just as eventful as the first part of your life! Salud and happy birthday brother! 

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