Cigar Lifestyle: More Than Meets The Eye, Introducing The Smoking Chicks – By Mike Holmes

Ever since they appeared on KMA Talk Radio with Abe and his crew, these sisters of the leaf instantly appeared on everyone’s radar. Prior to forming their crew, each of these ladies had their own social media followings and were already making their own mark on the cigar community with their vast knowledge and lively personalities. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, The Smoking Chicks are coming into their own as social media influencers and cigar personalities. You may or may not have already heard of them, in that case I want to introduce you to Jolene aka Cigarella_Jolene and Kim aka Shmokini who make up the Smoking Chicks.

The Smoking Chicks

I recently met up with Jolene when I traveled to West Palm Beach for The Great Smoke that was put on by Smoke Inn Cigars. We had a short conversation about the origins of The Smoking Chicks. Prior to forming it, Jolene was at The Miami Mega Herf and Lui Mahal who is one of the founders encouraged her to get onto YouTube and be that female presence in the cigar industry. Jolene wanted to highlight the process from seed to finished product.


The smoking Chicks formed towards the end of 2019, Jolene and Kim had been following each other on social media for quite a while and finally met during La Zona Palooza and had an instant connection. They also teamed up with another Sister of the leaf Coco and thus, The Smoking Chicks came to be. Unfortunately they were only a trio for a short time because Coco started getting busy with other responsibilities and decided to part ways therefore they became a duo.

The Smoking Chicks

In their short time of existence they have already visited the Aganorsa leaf warehouse and have began documenting the side of the cigar industry that rarely gets seen by the general public. During their trip, they made a video about their experience for their YouTube Channel also called The Smoking Chicks. They took their viewers on a tour of the warehouse and discussed some of the blends made by Aganorsa Leaf. Terrence Reilly did a phenomenal job providing information to them and their viewers. Although a cigar warehouse isn’t particularly glamorous it does show consumers where the cigars come from before being delivered to their local shop.

The ladies shot the video like a VIP tour! When you watch it you feel like you are in on the whole experience. This is what sets The Smoking Chicks apart, their attention to detail, which is the driving force of their success.
Not only have the Smoking Chicks visited the Aganorsa Leaf warehouse, they took a trip to the FSG tobacco farm in Clermont Florida and got a first hand look at how the entire operation works from seed to harvest and then shipping to Nicaragua to become the FSG Cigar.

The Smoking Chicks and Jeff

As always, Jeff Borysiewicz is very informative and had answers for every question brought up during their tour. What is fascinating is that Kim and Jolene got to provide a helping hand in planting tobacco plants on the back of the tractor. Not very many people except farm hands get to participate to this degree. While they were there they also went into the curing barn where they learned how to hang the tobacco and they even got to roll farm rolls to taste the tobacco when it’s fresh. The Smoking Chicks did an incredible job capturing life at the FSG farm on a regular day without large crowds or a pre-planned event. With the Smoking Chicks, you know you will get a real life experience packed with vast knowledge from both of these sisters of the leaf.

The Smoking Chicks

Who are The Smoking Chicks individually?

Jolene got into cigars because of her job. She is in the air conditioning industry and when she would go to her industry’s national conferences she would be around a lot of the guys smoking cigars at the end of the day. During this time she would also smoke with them but it wasn’t until her cousin, from Miami, later introduced her to My Father Cigars. This is when she really fell in love with cigars, and since that time, she has been hooked on the cigar lifestyle and constantly learning more and networking within the cigar community.

The Smoking Chicks

Kim got into cigars because of her father who smoked cigars. She would smoke with him, mostly Cubans, but she eventually started to develop her own palate and found what she liked to smoke. Cigars were a way her and her father bonded and still is to this day. Kim says that becoming Shmokini was a happy accident. There weren’t many true south Florida girls on Instagram who posted bikini pictures. She smokes most of her cigars by the pool or in the pool so she created Shmokini and her Instagram page took off like wild fire! Now she has over 10k followers and is well known in the cigar world as an influencer. Don’t get it twisted, Kim isn’t just a beautiful woman in a bikini, she is very knowledgeable about cigars and she is a wonderful representation of what a sister of the leaf is.


In closing

If you weren’t aware before, now you know who the Smoking Chicks are! Beautiful, kind, and down to earth are words to describe this incredible duo. If you come to Orlando or West Palm Beach area you definitely need to look them up and smoke a cigar with them because they are true class acts!

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The Smoking Chicks

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