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I recently spent a few days in Las Vegas, NV to attend the 2022 Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) trade show. Having got there earlier in the week I had time to check out some lounges in the area both on and off the strip. One of those lounges was a place called CigarBox by Freyboy Tobacco. The lounge is owned by Las Vegas entrepreneur, Michael Frey, who had the idea a few years ago to open lounges in a number of the high end Vegas hotels and casinos. With a background in the hospitality business, Frey’s concept was well accepted and he signed collaborative agreements with Caesars Palace to put in the Montecristo Lounge in he casino area and Casa Fuente in the forum shops. Michael’s goal was to supply a steady stream of cigars for these lounges and then he also opened a 2.300 sq-ft shop – the Cigar Box – located behind Caesars Palace.

The Shop/Lounge

Today’s review is on the CigarBox shop. My good friend and great BOTL, Kevin “The Commish” Parow joined me on the visit, as with most all visits to lounges during our week in Vegas. The shop is located at 4046 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, just on the other side of Interstate 15, in a newly developed strip mall.

Parking was easy the day we arrived, it was midday and early in the week but I would say there seems to be plenty of parking available. As you walk up to the building you can’t miss the “CigarBox” sign outside on the building and the front door.

Once you enter, your eyes focus on the clean red brick walls and a wooden floors. There is a number of comfortable leather seats spaced nicely in the sitting area each with a side table and ash trays. There is a round wooden table in the corner to sit a a group of friend that I suppose could double as a card table. A large wooden conference table is located at the end of the sitting area and there are two private rooms that can be used by large groups of guests. I was told, even though they say reserved, all you have to do as ask and you can use the room. There is no membership fee to reserve them.

There a number of flat screen TV’s strategically hanging on the walls for your viewing pleasure in addition to an obligatory Cigar Store Indian and an antique Cigarette dispensing machine that adorns side wall.

The shop is laid out in an open and airy way and I found it to be clean of smoke.

The Humidor

On the other side of the shop is a large walk-in humidor that is well stocked with both big and select medium and small brands. The pricing is lower than you will find on the strip, but about $2.00 higher than the standard MSRP you might find in a state like Florida. I considered the prices to be fair for where you are. The humidor is well laid out, clean, and properly humidified. The prices were clearly displayed on the boxes.

The Bar

The shop features a full liquor bar that also includes beer, wine, and soft drinks along with an espresso machine. The red brick motif continues behind the bar and the bar top is made of polished granite. Since it was early in the day, Kevin and I opted for a double espresso to pair with our cigar selections. There are comfortable stools that line the bar.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms in lounges can tell a lot about pride of ownership. In the case of the CigarBox, the bathroom was as immaculate as the rest of the establishment. You can see the pride that Mr. Frey and his staff put into the shop.

Location, Contact, Hours of Operation

The CigarBox Las Vegs is located at 4046 Dean Martin Drive

The is currently open from 10AM to 6PM, Monday through Saturday

In Closing

All in all, I speak for The Commish and Myself when I say we found the CigarBox, Las Vegas to be a comfortable and friendly lounge off the strip with reasonable prices and pleasant and informed staff. With its easy location to the strip, CigarBox is a little cigar oasis to break away from the madness just 2 miles away in downtown Vegas. If you are looking for a place to chill out and enjoy a fine smoke and don’t have the ability to travel outside of Las Vegas, then this is a must visit shop. Please remember don’t smoke what you bring, smoke what you purchase.

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  • Did u also happen to notice how ma u electrical outlets they have? This is exactly how I would lay out a lounge…my only issue is the hours…they need to be open later.

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