Cigar Lounge: Havana Tranquility Punta Gorda Florida

Last weekend, my wife and I decided to take a trip over to the west coast of Florida and visit the small town of Punta Gorda, Florida. The trip was set up to visit my aging uncle who I have not seen in about a year and of course any trip I take usually involves a visit to a local cigar lounge. This time it was the Havana Tranquility Cigar Lounge right on US 17 as you enter the city limits.

Havana Tranquility Punta Gorda Florida
Havana Tranquility Punta Gorda Florida

The ride over took about 3 hours from the Stogie Press office in Melbourne, FL, on the east coast of Florida. By the time we arrived I needed a cigar. Having already arranged the visit, I was greeted by the owner, Joe Ravid, who graciously welcomed me to his lounge.

Joe Ravid
Joe Ravid

The first stop was the entrance area, which is small and contains a medium size walk-in humidor that is well stocked with various brands ranging from the largest to some of the most popular boutique cigars on the market. He invited me to pick out a cigar to enjoy for the hour or so I would be there and after scanning the shelf, I noticed he had the latest MBombay MQBA, so I grabbed that and off we went on a tour.

Joe explained that the entrance area, we were in, is the shop portion of the building and is open to the general public. Besides the humidor, it also houses showcases of the best accessories including, lighters, cutters, ashtrays and even pipes.

Members Only Lounge

Photo Courtesy of Havana Tranquility
Photo Courtesy of Havana Tranquility

The next stop was the private members only lounge, which is a warm and comfortable area to relax and enjoy your cigar and converse with fellow members. Joe introduced some of the members to me and it was like being at a physicians conference. Believe me, if you are a member here, and any health issue you have sparks up, there is probably someone who can assist. I think I was was the lone engineer in the room. Even Joe is a physician and he told me he purchased the lounge from another physician who founded the establishment which is now 5 years old.

I love the lay out of the lounge with its would slat floors, eclectic lighting, and custom Napa leather chairs with built in ash trays and cup holders. The place is immaculate, all the way down to the bathroom and the ventilation made it absolutely smoke free. The lounge does not serve spirits but you are welcome to bring your own. They do have a beer and wine license and stock a fine selection of both in the private lounge. There are also soft drinks if you desire. There is a wine cooler and a mini fridge available for your use and an assortment of glassware and a dishwasher to clean those glasses.

Photo Courtesy of Havana Tranquility
Photo Courtesy of Havana Tranquility
Havana Tranquility Punta Gorda Florida
Havana Tranquility Punta Gorda Florida

A beautifully curved, polished marble, bar top is located near the entrance with comfortable stools allowing you to sit among friends when the leather chairs are occupied. The lounge also contains a cabinet humidor that is stocked with popular brands, and as a member you are welcome to pick one out and leave an IOU, if you are there after hours, which will be added to your monthly bill,

Photo Courtesy of Havana Tranquility
Photo Courtesy of Havana Tranquility

The private lounge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and entrance to it is controlled by a thumbprint door look on the outside of the building. Membership cost is set at an initial $1,000 one time fee and $100.00/month thereafter. Besides the 24 hour access, the membership grants you a personal locker and 15% off anything in the shop. After the first year, if you still wish to have a locker the cost of the locker is $250.00/year.

Back Yard and Tiki Hut

Once I toured the lounge we walked out the back door into a sprawling yard that is open to both members and non-members. There is a huge tiki hut with outdoor couches, chairs, and tables. The area also includes a place for a band stage for special events and there is even an garden area where Joe told me, they have grown their own tobacco plants. It was barren the day I was there, due to the severe storms that hit the area in 2018, but it has a complete irrigation system and when it is operational it makes for a beautiful back drop as you smoke a cigar on a warm evening.

We did notice the setting sun off the to the west, as there is little blocking the view, and I can see myself on a summer night watching that sun set as I sip a fine rum and smoke a premium cigar. A truly relaxing addition to the Havana Tranquility experience.

As we parted, we exited the lounge to a small sitting area in front of the building where Joe noted that you can smoke the craft you purchased even if you are not a lounge member. Every part of this cigar emporium is set up to enjoy the pleasure of a fine cigar.

If you are ever in south west Florida, this is a certainly a place to visit, and enjoy. It is a short drive from Tampa and Fort Myers and the town of Punta Gorda is a great little Florida town steeped in history that makes for a wonderful weekend vacation.


Havana Tranquility is located at: 5139 Marion Ave, Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Hours of Operation for General Public:

  • Mon – Thur: 10AM – 6PM
  • Fri: 10AM – 8PM
  • Sat: 9AM – 9PM
  • Sun: 11AM – 5PM

You can contact Havana Tranquility:

I would like to thank Joe and his patrons for showing me a great couple of hours after my trek over and hope to be back again.

Joe Ravid and Boston Jimmie

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