Cigar News: ADVentura® Cigars announces exclusive distribution agreement with Media Rueda® for Belgium and Luxembourg

ADVentura® Cigars are now available in Belgium and Luxembourg through Media Rueda®

Marcel Knobel, co-founder at ADV & McKay Cigars Co. S.R.L. stated:

“In efforts to develop strategic partnerships in the expansion ADVentura Cigars, we couldn’t be happier than to have joined forces with Media Rueda. There’s nothing better than the opportunity to share the history and experience from soil to soul by means of the perfect smoke through a well organised team.”

Henderson Ventura, co-founder, also added:

“In the ADVentura hierarchy of quality, brand standards, and educating the consumer on what they are smoking, we appreciate our newly forged partners have the same love and respect for the art of premium cigars as we do.”

Pieter De Windt, partner at Media Rueda exclaimed:

“We are very proud to bring ADVentura to our markets, Not only have they received numerous accolades and rewards, but upon sampling them, we immediately knew they fitted right into our portfolio of boutique brands. We are delighted to announce all lines will be available immediately in at least one vitola. We’ll be adding additional vitolas during 2022. And with the immediate availability of the Limited The Conqueror Emperor’s Edition, our customers are in for a real treat!”

About ADVentura Cigars

ADVentura is a cooperation between Henderson Ventura of Tabacalera William Ventura, based in the Dominican Republic and Marcel Knobel, tobacconist, sommelier, and marketer from Switzerland. Ventura is the youngest Master Blender in the industry with just over 11 years’ experience and is responsible for some of the most well-known blends coming out of the factory. Knobel sought out Ventura in efforts to create a house blend and brand for his retail store in Switzerland, by retelling the origin of tobacco through exploration, navigation, conquer, and return of the goods to royalty. Ventura loved the story and asked if Knobel was interested in becoming partners, now known as ADV & McKay in the fictional tales of ADVentura Cigar lines. With Swiss Precision and Dominican Passion, ADVentura Cigars Co. S.R.L. was born.

About Media Rueda

Media Rueda is the initiative of four cigar aficionados who were of the idea that the selection of premium cigars available in Belgium and Luxembourg was in need of improvement. Our stated goal is to import and distribute added value, premium hand-made cigars in Europe. We currently exclusively import and distribute Black Label Trading Co., Black Works Studio, Joya de Nicaragua, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, Crowned Heads, Fratello and ADVentura brands in Belgium and Luxembourg and plan on adding more brands later this year. For more information, please visit

® Media Rueda and the Media Rueda logo are registered trademarks of Media Rueda bv. A V D ADVentura and the A V D ADVentura logo are registered trademarks of ADV & McKay Cigars Co. S.R.L.