Cigar News: Black Star Line Cigars Ceases Direct Consumer Sales

Black Star Line Cigars has ceased sales direct to consumer.

Owner Aric Bey states:

“It’s time to make a change. We are a bigger company and we don’t need to sell direct to consumer anymore. When the company started we sold direct to consumer to help spread the brand. We have grown tremendously so now we are letting our retail partners exclusively sell our brand. We fully support our retail partners in every way. Our website will continue to sell coffee, and various other swag for those that want branded items from us.”

Here is a list of the retailers that sell Black Star line online:

  • Oak Glen Tobacconist
  • Cigar Federation
  • Privada Cigar Club
  • Small Batch Cigar
  • My Cigar Pack
  • Black Lion Luxuries
  • Underground Cigar Shop
  • Cigar Hustler
  • Cigar Farm
  • Smokers Abbey Memphis
  • Smoke Cigar Lounge

This list and a list of all retailers that carry Black Star Line Cigars is on their website