Cigar News: CAO Releases Firewalker Version of the Arcana

CAO continues to highlight old-world processing methods with the limited return of its Arcana Series. For 2022, a blend called “Firewalker,” which is inspired by the Chincagre method of aging will be released in one, limited edition size.

Applied solely to the Nicaraguan-grown filler tobacco in Firewalker’s blend, Chincagre is an archaic process of primary aging used by local tobacco farmers in Western Nicaragua. There, in the region of Masatepe where the filler is grown, the tobacco is placed into a pilón that is buried deep in the volcanic soil. The subterranean conditions allow the tobacco to ferment naturally, locking in an inherently sweet and aromatic quality. After two months, the Chincagre process is complete, and the pilón is then transferred to the factory for nine months of secondary fermentation.

Rick Rodriguez, CAO’s blender/ambassador said:

“The Arcana series is an opportunity for us to unite CAO fans with rare tobacco methods they might not otherwise learn about on their own. This is our way of sparking conversation about what it takes to make a great cigar. We hope it also speaks volumes about our passion for tobacco and the lengths we’ll go to deliver exciting cigars to our fans.”

Wrapped in Ecuadoran Habano Rosado, with a Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan filler, CAO Firewalker is a medium-plus-bodied cigar full of depth and character. The experience is unique and layered, melding the traditional spice and vibrant savory notes of Ecuadoran tobacco with an earthy-sweet quality derived from the Chincagre aging of the Nicaraguan filler.

Firewalker (6.5” x 56) will sell for an MSRP of $11.99 per cigar. The singular frontmark will be packaged in 20 count boxes and only 5,000 boxes will be made, reserved solely for the U.S. market.

CAO Arcana Firewalker is handcrafted at American Caribbean in Nicaragua and ships to retailers the week of February 1, 2022.

About CAO Arcana

CAO’s Arcana Series launched in 2021 to highlight the traditions of old-world tobacco that bring out the best in native tobaccos from across the globe. The first Arcana Series release was a blend called “Mortal Coil.”