Cigar News: Cigar Educated partners with AJ Fernandez for Factory Tours in Nicaragua

Kennedy (TK) Achille has partnered with AJ Fernandez to bring you a once-in-a-lifetime experience to Esteli, Nicaragua.

According to Kennedy:

This is the first time AJ Fernandez has opened his operation to the public!

You will get a hands-on education in the world of cigars by one of the legendary manufacturers while you stay at the AJ Fernandez mansion during the tour.”

TK partnered to create this exclusive offer that is being billed as a life-changing experience where you will learn the details of how cigars are made, how the plants are grown and harvested, and how the leaf is cured, fermented and processed. You will also learn more about the cigar industry as a whole.

If you are interested in booking a tour, there are four available dates in the February time frame and attendance is limited. Booking information follows:

How To Book Your Tour

The tour is booked in two steps:

  1. Reserve your tour spot on my website or just click this link: Cigar Tour
  2. Book your flight through our in-house travel agent.
  3. You will receive detailed information on Passport information, travel information, what to pack, etc.

TK also stated that he thanks all those that have supported him in the past.

You have supported me over the years and have seen my growth in the cigar industry. So I thank you and hope that you will join me on this EPIC adventure overseas.

I have no issue with saying I love you and look forward to drinking, smoking, and living like GODS in the first ever AJ Fernandez and TK Cigar tour in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Blessings to you my friends and happy holidays

Let’s go to Nicaragua for this once in a lifetime adventure!