Cigar News: Crowned Heads Limited Edition Returns for 2021 Juarez Shots

Crowned Heads has announced that Juarez Shots will be returning for 2021′, once again, as a limited edition release.

The ‘Winter seasonal’ release was brought back as a result of the popularity of last year’s limited edition extension to the sought-after Juarez brand. The Juarez Shots are classified as a petit robusto, measuring 4” x 50, and are packaged in 50-count cabinet boxes.

Crowned Heads co—owner/founder, Jon Huber stated:

“Juarez, as a brand, experienced dramatic growth in 2020. The Shots are a great limited seasonal release that gives fans of Juarez a short format option to enjoy the blend not only during the cold weather months, but any time of year, as well.”

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The Juarez Shots name was inspired by Johnny Cash’s rendition of the song, “Cocaine Blues,” from the 1968 album, “At Folsom’Prison.”

The total production of Juarez Shots 2021 will be limited to 500 50-count cabinet boxes (25,000 total cigars), and will have a suggested retail price of $5.60 per cigar. Juarez cigars are produced at Tabacalera Pichardo in Esteli, Nicaragua, under the supervision or Master Blender Don Eradio Pichardo. Juarez Shots LE 2021 will begin shipping in February.

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