Cigar News: Don Doroteo Cigars Announces Addition of Crystal Herbert to Sales Team

Don Doroteo Cigars has announced the addition of Crystal Herbert to their sales team. Crystal will oversee Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington D.C. Like many in the cigar industry Crystal began on a different career path before falling in love with tobacco.

Crystal Herbert, born in Washington D.C., began her professional career in the fitness industry as she earned a master’s degree in exercise and nutrition from the University of Maryland. She later owned and operated a franchise fitness facility. During this time, she fell in love with the handmade premium cigar lifestyle via a friend. 12 years later and after the successful sale of her franchise Crystal set on to follow her passion for cigars.

Juan Lugo, co – founder of Don Doroteo Cigars stated:

“I am excited to welcome Crystal Herbert to the Don Doroteo team. Her positive spirit and enthusiasm for cigars is in full display. As a successful businessperson who owned and operated a thriving business we strongly feel as a team, that she will only make us stronger.”

Crystal Herbert said:

“Handmade premium cigars have been a passion for me for over a decade and I find the Don Doroteo line of cigars to be exceptional. The heavy use of aged andullo tobacco really sets these blends apart. Juan Lugo’s passion for his family’s legacy is contagious. I look forward to working closely with Juan and the Don Doroteo Cigar team.


Don Doroteo Cigars, established in 2021 by Juan Lugo serves an ode to his grandfather, tobacco farmer Doroteo Fermin Delgado and Dominican culture. Juan continues to grow tobacco in the same way Doroteo did. Faithful to his Dominican roots, Juan continues his grandfather’s legacy by infusing Dominican culture into every cigar rolled. Juan Lugo invites you to experience handmade premium cigars, the Dominican way, the Don Doroteo way.

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