Cigar News: Fuerte y Libre Cigars Inc Announces Their First Price Increase

Fuerte y Libre Cigars Inc. has announced an increase in the price of all cigars in their portfolio effective June 1, 2023.

This is the first time Fuerte y Libre Cigars has increased prices since their first release of the Bodacious line in May 2019. The company states that since 2019 the costs associated with cigar making, marketing, shipping and materials have increased by over 15%. In addition to these costs, an unexpected and pending Trademark opposition has necessitated an increase across all lines at this time. The company says that the weighted average of the price increase is 8.1% and while it doesn’t meet the increase in production costs it has always been the intent to create a quality premium cigar at a reasonable price. Retailers can expect to receive our current wholesale prices through May 31st and our one price shipping model will remain the same.

Greg Free – President of Fuerte y Libre Cigars Inc

“We will never sacrifice quality in order to shave costs and this increase is to ensure that quality is what we will always be known for.”

Positive Customer Impact

While this does represent an increase in the cost of cigars to our favored retail partners and our exceptional consumers, we will be using the additional cashflow to support the introduction of new lines in 2023 and continue to produce quality cigars at a great price. Our retailers can expect a very unique full strength blend being released in the 3rd quarter and an event exclusive Lonsdale in the months that follow.

Fuerte y Libre Cigars Inc

Founded in 2018, Fuerte y Libre Cigars Inc is a Virginia based company producing Dominican cigars for the US market. The company currently has 8 blends encompassing 20 facings.