Cigar News: Island Lifestyle Importers Creates ADAP Program

Now that the PCA convention has unfortunately, but necessarily, been canceled for 2020, Island Lifestyle Cigars and Tommy Bahama Luxury Cigar Accessories have established the Additional Dealer Assistance Program (ADAP) for retailers.

In announcing the new program, Ryan Frailing, Chief Operating Officer of Island Lifestyle Importers said:

“We will miss seeing our old friends and making new ones. We enjoy spending that time getting to know and learn more about their businesses. It provides valuable feedback as we grow and develop new products.”

Earlier this year Island Lifestyle Importers announced they had taken back responsibilities for all marketing and distribution functions of their products. Island Lifestyle Importers had planned to offer additional discounts and a number of exciting promotions at PCA 2020.

Frailing added:

“In an age of uncertainty Island Lifestyle Importers desires to do everything possible to assist in dealer’s success. With the cancelation of the convention, Island Lifestyle Importers will be taking the monies we normally spend on the trade show and rededicate it to the dealer network through weekly specials.”

The Additional Dealer Assistance Program (ADAP) will be emailed each week with promotional offerings including deep discounts, product specials, new product releases and no minimum order requirements.

In closing, Frailing went on to say:

“We established this program to give our retail partners greater flexibility and profitability as we work together to move beyond the challenges created by the Corona virus.”

Island Lifestyle Importers is the exclusive importer of Island Lifestyle Cigars and manufacturer of Tommy Bahama Luxury Cigar Accessories.

For further information contact [email protected] or (941) 378-3200.

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