Cigar News: J.C. Newman and the LeRoy Neiman Foundation Introduce LeRoy Neiman 2023 Collector’s Edition Cigars

This week, J.C. Newman Cigar Co. and the LeRoy Neiman and the Janet Byrne Neiman Foundation will unveil LeRoy Neiman 2023 Collector’s Edition cigars at the Premium Cigar Association Trade Show in Las Vegas. This new luxury, handcrafted cigar is a collaboration between America’s oldest family-owned premium cigar maker and the foundation of the late, iconic, cigar-smoking American artist, LeRoy Neiman. All profits will be donated to support arts education in public schools. 

Drew Newman, fourth-generation owner of J.C. Newman. notes;

 “Art has been an integral part of the cigar industry for more than 150 years. No artist is more famous for creating his work while enjoying fine cigars than LeRoy Neiman. It is a true privilege to honor LeRoy’s legacy by creating this one-of-a-kind cigar.”

Tara Zabor, LeRoy Neiman and Janet Byrne Neiman Foundation Executive Director added:

“LeRoy Neiman embodied a richly textured blend of creativity, passion, and exuberance, which found expression in his iconic artwork and a signature appreciation for fine cigars. He was the quintessential artist who understood the intricate dance between culture, taste, and craftsmanship. His fondness for cigars was more than just a habit; it was an intrinsic part of his persona, a ritual that paralleled his artistic process—taking time to savor, to contemplate, and to create.”

LeRoy Neiman Collector’s Edition cigars are handcrafted at J.C. Newman’s historic El Reloj cigar factory in Tampa, Florida. The 2023 release is a 6” x 52 toro rolled with a Havana Rosado wrapper, Florida Sun Grown binder, and a blend of aged filler tobaccos from Latin America.  This year’s edition is limited to 10,000 cigars, packed in 500 cabinets of 20 cigars with a suggested retail price of $20 per cigar. Inside each cabinet is an authentic lithograph of LeRoy Neiman’s 1978 painting, “Irish-American Bar.” The image is also wrapped around each cigar. The bottom of each cabinet is a print of Neiman’s paint-splattered New York City studio floor. 

Tara Zabor continued to exclaim:

“LeRoy Neiman’s ‘Irish-American Bar’ holds a special place in LeRoy Neiman’s portfolio and heart, depicting the legendary New York watering hole where he created memories, artworks, and life long friends. We’ve placed this lithograph inside our cigar cabinets to welcome aficionados into LeRoy’s cherished world. Every time someone opens the cabinet, they’re getting not just a great cigar, but a piece of LeRoy’s legacy. It’s our way of honoring his life and sharing the joy that he put into every brushstroke.

J.C. Newman and the Foundation will be donating all profits from this collaboration to support arts education in Tampa’s public schools, including those surrounding the El Reloj cigar factory.

“Every cigar from the LeRoy Neiman 2023 Collector’s Edition directly supports our ongoing mission at the Foundation,” notes Tara Zabor. “The profits help us improve arts education in local public schools, keeping LeRoy’s passion for nurturing creativity alive and thriving among the next generation of artists.”

“I am truly honored that the Foundation has entrusted me to create a cigar worthy of LeRoy’s name,” said Newman.  “I am also grateful to Vrijdag Premium Printing and Common Bond Design for their wonderful support of this project.”

LeRoy Neiman 2023 Collector’s Edition cigars are currently aging in the basement of El Reloj.  J.C. Newman expects to release them to the finest cigar retailers in the United States in November.

About the LeRoy Neiman and Janet Byrne Neiman Foundation

The LeRoy Neiman and Janet Byrne Neiman Foundation seeks to perpetuate the legacy and philanthropic spirit of LeRoy Neiman, and to advance and share the impact of his life, his ideals and artwork in the U.S. and throughout the world. The Foundation supports organizations that promote the study, improvement and advancement of the arts and provide opportunities for at- risk youth to develop paths to successful futures.