Cigar News: Jas Sum Kral Celebrates Rudy’s Cigar Lounge 10th Anniversary with Magija and Crna Nok Box Press Torpedo Mahara

Rudy’s Cigar Lounge proudly presents two enchanting releases to mark their 10th anniversary celebration—the Crna Nok Line: Magija and the Crna Nok Box Press Torpedo Mahara. Both captivating cigars pay homage to the mystical heritage of Macedonian black magic, drawing inspiration from the history of black magic practitioners, known as “volšebnici and vešterki,” in the local folklore. These extraordinary blends unite the essence of tradition and innovation, embodying the magic that happens when passion for cigars meets expert craftsmanship.

Crna Nok Line: Magija – A Mystical Heritage Unveiled

Embark on a journey into the enigmatic world of Macedonian black magic with Crna Nok Line: Magija. This 8×48 viotola is crafted with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that the blend embodies the essence of this mystical heritage. Each stick is presented in single coffin boxes, adding an air of mystery and exclusivity to this limited production masterpiece.

The alluring blend features a rich Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, perfectly complemented by a binder from Mexican San Andrés and fillers sourced from Nicaragua, including the revered corojo from Estelí and Jalapa. The result is a harmonious fusion of flavors that dance on the palate, leaving aficionados mesmerized with each puff. Join Jas Sum Kral at Rudy’s Cigar Lounge to experience the magic of Crna Nok Line: Magija.

Crna Nok Box Press Torpedo Year of the Mahara – A Beloved Blend Reimagined

Relive the magic of “the fuck stick” with the Crna Nok Box Press Torpedo Mahara—a tribute to the beloved blend infused with new elements that make it a masterpiece in its own right. This exceptional 6.25×52 box press torpedo, aged for one year, showcases a rich dark brown wrapper with a seductive reddish tint. Its covered foot and impeccable construction are a testament to the dedication and attention to detail poured into its creation.

As you embark on this magical journey, be greeted by an enchanting aroma that combines earth, wood shavings, manure, leather, and oak—a true symphony for the senses. Upon the cold draw, tantalizing flavors of dark chocolate, ground coffee, leather, popcorn, and a hint of black pepper will captivate your palate. Unravel the mystique as hidden complexities beneath its exquisite exterior offer an enchanting and seamless smoking experience.

A Celebration of Excellence and Limited Availability

These limited release cigars commemorate Rudy’s Cigar Lounge’s momentous 10th anniversary, a testament to our commitment to providing patrons with only the finest cigars. The Crna Nok Box Press Torpedo Mahara boasts a box count of 10 cigars per box, offering a premium smoking experience for the discerning aficionado.

Crna Nok Line: Magija and Crna Nok Box Press Torpedo Mahara are available as a remarkable combo, priced at $150 for both releases. Experience the enchantment of both releases as we celebrate the mystical heritage of Macedonia’s black magic.

Experience the Magic

Join Jas Sum Kral at Rudy’s Cigar Lounge on August 5th for a captivating experience that transcends the ordinary. Celebrate the mystical heritage of Macedonia’s black magic with these extraordinary blends that pay homage to a beloved classic and offer a glimpse into the mystical world that inspired their creation. …also, i hear they will have a Beer Truck 

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