Cigar News: Jas Sum Kral Responds to the Munchies Controversy

In a published email to his followers, Riste Ristevski offered an official response to the latest Half Wheel editorial on his announcement of the latest Jas Sum Kral “Munchies” cigar.

In case you may have been not paying attention, Jas Sum Kral announced a new cigar line known as the “Munchies and the first one is called Rocky Road. Well that got a lot of the industry tied up in knots and led Halfwheel to write an editorial – 10 THOUGHTS: PLEASE STOP MARKETING CIGARS TO CHILDREN– explaining why such a cigar name and marketing campaign is bad for the industry.

Riste waited a few days after the Halfwheel editorial to respond, as he wanted to see the reaction that Mr. Minato (Owner of would receive to his editorial critiquing the name of Jas Sum Kral’s new “Rocky Road” flavored cigar.

The following is the official response from Riste through his General Counsel, Jeff Scholnick, Esq.

“On behalf of Jas Sum Kral’s owner and founder, Riste Ristevski, I want to thank the many friends and customers for the supportive responses that Mr. Ristevski has received after the editorial. The reaction has been overwhelmingly favorable to Jas Sum Kral.So, let us respond by first making this abundantly clear- JAS SUM KRAL IS NOT MARKETING TO CHILDREN.

We do not take lightly Mr. Minato’s concerns regarding FDA intervention. JSK does not wish to harm the premium cigar industry that it loves. We welcome any discussions about industry standards that will promote the continuation of our products.

But, let’s be frank. In today’s “politically correct” world, you have to be a bit of a rebel to be a premium cigar smoker. You are demanding to be different than the rest of the crowd. I am not saying that smoking a Rocky Road cigar transforms you into a later day James Dean. But, we are all looking for a new premium handmade cigar that blends flavor with quality. That is what Jas Sum Kral and Riste Ristevski are trying to accomplish- creating a product that enhances the smoking experience by trying something new. Sometimes, you may feel the need for the flavor of toffee/vanilla/baking spices, so you smoke Jas Sum Kral’s Red Knight. Sometimes, you feel like a “nut,” so you reach for the Rocky Road.

Because Mr. Ristevski and Jas Sum Kral want to be crystal clear of their child safety message, Riste and JSK will donate 5% of Rocky Road profits to a non-profit that works to keep kids tobacco-free. Since these organization cannot accept money from the tobacco industry, the donation will be made by Mr. Ristevski personally. In the meantime, Jas Sum Kral will continue to sell cigars only at premium locations and at shows where sales can be strictly monitored.

Riste Ristevski and Jas Sum Kral thank you for your support!
Jeff Scholnick, Esq.
General Counsel for Jas Sum Kral”

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  • HW /Charlie is correct .

    The pitch to the FDA is that cigar are hand made artesian products bought by adults .

    This isn’t about profit , it’s little boys playing with matches in the school room where paper supplies are stored .

    They may not catch fire , but why do it all ?

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