Cigar News: Jessi Flores Introduces Victms1975 Ambassador Program

Jessi Flores has always lived his dream to network with great people in the industry he loves. He has supported small businesses for more than 20 something years. We have been smoking cigars and enjoying the brotherhood that bonds us together so what better way to unite the worlds of art and cigars than have custom branded swag, created by renowned cigar lover and street artist, Jessi Flores.

The Victms1975 Ambassador Program offers a way for shops and lounges that have a difficult time making apparel for their clients and consumers, to get cool custom artwork to reflect their image and mission. Victms1975 will collaborate with small businesses to build out their swag shop.

The Ambassador Program kicked off this year with the Original Seed Cigar & Lounge (OSC&L) in Adams, MA.

Founder of OSC&L, John Sheerin (Mr. John) stated:

“Working with Jessi and his team at Victms1975 was probably the easiest decision we have had to make for our cigar shop. The founders of OSC&L Mr. John and Miss Tracy have always been big fans of graffiti and street artists such as Banksey, Vhils, spY and Blu, but there is something different in Jessi’s work.

An authenticity that isn’t just a standout among street artists, but an entire industry with his focus on cigars and the cigar lifestyle. He has not only managed to blend two worlds that were basically at the opposite ends of a cultural spectrum, but he did so in a way that makes his art obtainable for everyone, not just the uber rich.

You might not be able to afford to hang a 2 million dollar Banksey in your man cave or smoking room, but even a connoisseur on a budget can now hang a piece of traditional Nicaraguan street art on their wall or wear a limited print t-shirt with their favorite piece on it without having to take out a second mortgage. ‘Smoking a fine cigar and appreciating great art is no longer a rich man’s game’ – Mr. John”

Jessi Flores commented:

“Restoration and cultivation of our culture depends on us planting the seed to new marketing concepts.

The collaboration between Original Seed and my team is something new and never done before. Our mission is to present my designs and the local shop logo and make cool innovative cigar apparel exclusive for shops to have in their location and online stores.

Giving the shops exclusivity and special wholesale prices on all products that I create and is available on my shop Victms1975 by Jessi Flores.

Starting off this killer program with Original Seed Cigar & Lounge as a pioneer in their state will bring the cigar enthusiasts a new experience to enjoy cigar art and the cigar shop the love.

Much love to John & his wife Tracie Sheerin for giving birth to this awesome collaboration.

‘I always say invest in your community!’ – Jessi Flores”

If you are a shop owner and would like to participate in the program, you can contact Jessi Flores at:

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