Cigar News: LA PALINA® and ROOM 101® announce LOCK DOWN – Virtual Consumer and Brick & Mortar Support

Washington, D.C. and Naples, Florida–based cigar distributor and négociant brand La Palina®, and Los Angeles-based cigar brand Room 101®, have joined forces and announced today, LOCK DOWN – their shared virtual consumer experience to support local brick and mortar tobacconists that will go into effective immediately.

This is a program specifically created to support smoke shops that are physically closed due to, or partial impacted by the COVIS-19 pandemic and shelter in place executive order to flatten the curve of this deadly global virus. LOCK DOWN also ensures the health and well being of La Palina and Room 101 retail partners and their respective staffs by creating a no contact delivery program, supported by digital and social media activations.

In addition to eliminating physical interactions, this multi-platform program ensures that smoke shops receive the bulk of the revenue, with the remaining funds going to support continuing efforts and grow the retailers, as well as La Palina’s and Room 101’s virtual business segment once the world, and specifically the U.S., is back to an even economic and business footing — a completely forward thinking and growing business platform.

The LOCK DOWN program works simply: Retailers phone, email or reach out via social media to their existing customer base introducing the LOCK DOWN care package ($69.99 + local sales taxes; a $129 value). The package includes ten (10) La Palina and Room 101 cigars:

  • Three (3) La Palina Classic Robustos (Connecticut, Rosado, Maduro)
  • One (1) La Palina Illumination Belicoso
  • One (1) LP1 Petit Corona
  • Five (5) Room 101 “Fu Pack” (event exclusive cigars)
  • One (1) La Palina wine key
  • Ten (10) raffle tickets

La Palina/Room 101 retailers will process their respective customers sales; provide La Palina/Room 101 with shipping addresses, who in turn will drop ship care packages on the retailer’s behalf. La Palina will invoice retailers at a later date based on total packs shipped.

Should a consumer wish to purchase a care package, and participate in the raffle, but is unfamiliar with a participating retailer in their region, email [email protected] and a customer service representative will refer the consumer to the nearest brick and mortar partner.



CIGARLOCKDOWN.COM: A digital age kind of live broadcast telethon will be held on, APRIL 22, 5PM TO 7PM EDT.

The show—offering conversations and raffle announcements— will be hosted by La Palina’s Bill Paley, Sam Phillips and Clay Roberts, Room 101’s Matt Booth, and will feature special guests (details to come).

The Cigar Lock Down Raffle will include over $2,500 in gifts, including
A custom rosewood humidor and a 65” television set.

ZOOM VIRTUAL SOCIAL SMOKERS: Retailers can plan and announce—via social media and email contact—Zoom virtual social smokers where participants discuss LOCK DOWN care package cigars, and others, with technical support provided at no charge by La Palina and Room 101.