Cigar News: Plasencia Family Launches Souls from The Earth Foundation in Miami

This upcoming June 8th, the Souls from The Earth Foundation will launch in Miami. Led by the Plasencia Family, the foundation is focused on proactively engaging and supporting the growth and development of underserved children, in at-risk communities in Nicaragua and Honduras.

Established February 06, 2012, in Estelí, Nicaragua, Plasencia Cigars opened the first school offering education, nutrition and aftercare for the children of its employees. Out of this significant effort, The Souls from The Earth Foundation was born. The main goal of the charitable organization is to establish the belief that wellness, health and a quality education is attainable for all children in vulnerable communities throughout Central America.

Currently, the foundation has three schools in Nicaragua called “El Sol del Saber”, benefiting 250 children and thirty-six teachers, founded in February 2012. To expand the vision of this project, the Plasencia Family created a nonprofit to assist more employees and expand their reach. On September 7th, 2022, they officially registered as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Florida. They hope to create major positive change, directly impacting the countries it serves, and with the help of those who support the same vision.

The official US launch for the Souls from The Earth Foundation will take place to establish the vision, mission, and goal before a selected group in South Florida. In attendance will be the founders of the charity, the elected Board of Directors as well as other invited supporters.

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Plasencia Cigars opened the first school offering aftercare and nutrition, for the children of its employees February 2012, in Estelí, Nicaragua. This project began with the purpose to serve the community and change the future generations in Nicaragua, but also serves as an acknowledgement of gratitude for the hard work and dedication of valued factory employees.