Cigar News: Potters Mercantile Acquires TABAC TRADING CO. and Expands Its Brand Portfolio

Potters Mercantile is pleased to announce its acquisition of TABAC TRADING CO. LLC., a renowned boutique brand with an innovative history in the industry. This strategic move signifies Potters Mercantile’s commitment to growth and diversification, expanding its brand portfolio and strengthening its presence in the tobacco market. Potters Mercantile already manufactures rancher accessories, including belt buckles, spurs, single-tang knives, branded ball caps, Carhartt duck vests and Ranch Shirts. Potters Mercantile also has a small portfolio of cutters and lighters.

As part of this acquisition, Potters Mercantile will gain ownership of TABAC TRADING CO.’s brand, its sub-brand lines, and the valuable intellectual property associated with these brands. Potters Mercantile is dedicated to preserving the legacy of TABAC TRADING CO. and will continue to utilize the trade name as its own brand.

Under the visionary leadership of Pat Potter, who will remain the CEO and owner of Potters Mercantile, the company will embark on an exciting journey of innovation and transformation. This acquisition marks the beginning of a new era for Pat Potter, as he plans to introduce new brands under the Potters Mercantile distribution division while upholding the high standards of quality and excellence that TABAC TRADING CO. is known for.

Pat Potter, CEO of Potters Mercantile stated:

“I am thrilled about the acquisition of TABAC TRADING CO. and the opportunity to build upon its legacy. We remain committed to delivering exceptional products to our customers and look forward to the exciting future ahead.”

Potters Mercantile would like to express its gratitude to the loyal customers and partners of TABAC TRADING CO. for their continued support. The company is excited about the potential for growth and innovation that this acquisition brings.

UPDATE: It should be noted that although Patrick Potter was the face of the Tabac Trading Company brand he was not the only owner. This acquisition allowed Patrick to buy out all the shares of other partners in the business allowing him to broaden his Potter Mercantile brand to include cigars and also coffee.

Potters Mercantile is a leading company in the General Store / Rural Community market dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer experiences. With a solid commitment to innovation and a passion for excellence, Potters Mercantile continues to thrive and expand its brand portfolio.

TABAC TRADING CO. is a well-established boutique brand known for Milk & Honey, Hoy Vivo, TRIFECTA, Saciar, and The Unknown Cigar – With a legacy spanning nine years, it has earned a reputation for developing ingenuitive blends and powerful marketing relationships like the newest release of The Tulsa King.

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    • Fernidand Piet bully? Laughable. It’s not possible that I bought out my partners in TABAC? Just because a person is the face or ceo of the brand doesn’t always make them the owner. But whatever I’m not surprised by your lack of common sense.

      Let’s explain to the viewers why you’d think I’m a bully. Back in 2016 you put yourself out as a European Cigar Distributor, you had me send you samples of every cigar I made to date at a huge expense because you told me that you could get me distribution in Europe!! Come to find out that you’re a hack living in Malaysia or somewhere expating your way through Southeast Asia like most of the caucasian deviants. So then you start to review my cigars and posting them to this horrible website and Facebook. The reviews offered no journalistic opinion – your palate sir is tainted. When you reviewed my Trifecta Brazilian Mata Fina / Indonesian Sumatra the review was opposite to very other review anyone ever had done on that cigar. You called it weak and flavorless. What?!! Couldn’t believe it! It was so unfavorable I asked you to remove it and took threatening you to get you to remove it!! Ya so I’m a bully!! I’ve been in this business a long time- I’ve learned a lot since crossing paths with you. HACK!

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