Cigar News: Silvio Palomino Cigars Re-Enters Cigar Market

You may have heard me talk about Silvio Palomino Cigars a couple of years ago, as they had, by far, the lowest price premium cigars on the market. They did this by selling direct to the consumer, eliminating the keystone costs you experience when purchasing from a local shop. Once the FDA passed the deeming regulations on the industry, the company made a hard decision to leave the market as they reviewed the impact of cost on their business model.

After taking a year away from the cigar market, Silvio Palomino Cigars has decided that was long enough and has restarted operations and is once again offering amazing, direct to the consumer pricing through their company website. This time though, they will only be offering long leaf, hand-made premium cigars with blends that are grandfathered. The company originally carried Cuban sandwiches and  flavored cigars in addition to their premium long leaf blends.

The decision was a difficult one, as company owner Silvio Palomino still worries about the FDA rules and regulations and the impact of any non-conformance can have on their business. In today’s post FDA world, they especially worry about seizure of product due to any non-conformance to the new FDA regulations and also the fear of stiff fines if any product is sold to an underage person.

In a letter to his subscribers, Silvio stated:

“Alongside many in the industry, we have been waiting for our government to settle on the rules we have to work by. We have been afraid to invest in product manufacture only to find out that the FDA will seize a shipment for non-compliance to confusing rules and laws.”

As part of the conformance, the Silvio Palomino website has been re-designed and to enforce legal age requirements. Silvio explains::

“We will adhere to and enforce our policy of doing everything possible to determine that all of our customers are of a legal age to purchase tobacco products. All first time customers will have to send us a picture ID that clearly shows their date of birth. If that is a problem for anyone, we will politely ask them purchase elsewhere. The fines for selling to underage consumers are potentially huge, not worth the risk.”

As part of the re-introduction of the brand, the company will be featuring their Exclusiva Maduro in 3 vitolas,

  • Robusto (5 x 50) $90.00/Bundle of 25
  • Toro (6 x 52) $95.00/Bundle of 25
  • Torpedo (6 x 52) $95.00/Bundle of 25
Silvio Palomino Exclusiva Toro 6x52 Maduro

Silvio Palomino Exclusiva Toro 6×52 Maduro

The company plans on making cigars in small batches for the foreseeable future and should be able to keep up with the demand from their loyal customers. They will be adding a few more cigars in the near future, including Connecticut wrappers.

The company notes that they have been forced to raise their prices due to increased tobacco and shipping costs along with importing fees due to increased customs paperwork, taxes, etc.  Instead of the original $65 bundle of 25 the new pricing will be $90 to $95 a bundle, including shipping. You don’t have to be a math wiz, to realize that is still less than $4 a stick!

In order to keep prices down, the company also noted they have eliminated their “800” toll free number and will rely on email and website contact forms.

In the letter to their consumers, the company states

“If you need to talk to us, send us a message and we’ll call you back. Our prices, without a doubt, still represent the best quality cigar at wholesale pricing, a policy we have always maintained.”

So if you are in the market for a truly value priced, premium cigar, checkout Silvio Palomino Cigars at

Regardless if you are a new customer or a previous customer, the company notes that you will have to create a new customer account as they are using new online store software. Once you have created an account, you can always log in and check orders, purchases, etc.

About Silvio Palomino Cigars

From humble beginnings in Cuba, the Palomino family has been making fine cigars in the Cibao Valley of the Santiago De Los Caballeros Province of the Dominican Republic. Since 1965 our factories have produced cigars under our rings as well as on contract to many recognizable names in the cigar industry.

The company can be contacted at [email protected]

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