Cigar News: Tarazona Cigars Donates $10,000 to PCA State Advocacy Fund

The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) announced today that Eddie Tarazona, Founder of Tarazona Cigars, has donated $10,000 to the PCA’s state advoacacy program to help the brick and mortar retailers defend against the onslaught of proposed tax hikes and smoking and flavor bans.

PCA Executive Director Scott Pearce stated:

“On behalf of the premium cigar retailers, I want to express my gratitude for Eddie’s generous donation. I have spoken with Eddie and know his passion for the industry and how much he wants to help and he just stepped up in a big way”

Tarazona, who has a small but growing premium cigar brand, expressed his desire to see the PCA grow its fundraising to become a more potent political organization to increase its impact in communities around the country.

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Tarazona noted:

“We are a small company in a small industry and we are fighting against really large organizations that have way more resources. So I wanted to do my part because I know if we can all put in effort, we can win. We’ve seen it happen just last year. So I want to keep it going.”

PCA President John Anderson added:

“We say it all the time, but every bit of support helps us increase our efforts, exponentially. As we increase our state association infrastructure and expand our legislative work at the local level, a strong, unified front is how we achieve victory. I want to thank Eddie personally for his incredible donation and support. It is certainly a boon for retailer advocacy and defense.”