Cigar News: Tarazona Cigars Expands Team with VP of International Sales and Southwest Regional Manager

Tarazona Cigars has announced the hiring of two new “passionate” team members to their growing boutique cigar brand.

Benigno (Ben) Rosario has been hired as VP of International Sales and Development with responsibility to continue to grow the Tarazona Cigars brand foot print overseas. Ben was most recently the Vice President at Don Kiki Cigar Superstore in Daytona, FL. During his tenure, he worked with Karen Berger, Don Kiki Cigars owner, to grow and expand the Karen Berger brand over the years.

Benigno (Ben) Rosario

With regards to his new position at Tarazona Cigars, Ben told me:

I am extremely excited to embark on this new venture with Eddie and Tarazona Cigars. I have been blessed with the experiences gained during my time with Don KiKi Cigars and thankful to Karen Berger.

I first started in the cigar business on the retail ownership level in 2002. Since then I have been able to dive into many avenues of this wonderful industry and now I have the opportunity to be able to start anew, on what will be an amazing chapter in my career.

Tarazona Cigars has also hired Justin Sandlin, third generation tobacco and cigar salesman, to be the company’s Southwest Regional Manager. The Fort Worth, Texas native will be responsible for building the Tarazona Cigars brand in Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma and his home state of Texas.

Justin Sandlin

Justin noted:

I am very excited for this next chapter in my career, getting to work with Eddie Tarazona of Tarazona Cigar Co.

I’m looking forward to growing his great brands, and will be covering the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Louisiana. I am a third generation tobacco and cigar salesman and have spent the last 9 years w/ Miami Cigar & Co.

Cigars have been in my life as far back as I can remember, and I’m extremely grateful to continue to do what I love and have such a strong passion for.”

In closing, I spoke with Eddie Tarazona and he commented:

I am tremendously excited to have Ben and Justin join the Tarazona Cigar family. What they bring to the table with there experience and wisdom will be invaluable as we move forward. Not only are they great professionally but it’s been good to call them friends for several years… and as always Do It With Passion

About Tarazona Cigars

Tarazona Cigars is very passionate about the cigars they make. Tarazona premium, long-leaf, hand-made cigars are each rolled to the highest quality by masterful rollers. They take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of every cigar that goes into every box of Tarazona and Caraballo Cigars.

​The ultimate goal is for you to enjoy a fine cigar with good friends for all your momentous occasions, or just kick back and enjoy a perfect day.

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