Cigar News: Ventura Cigars Anounces PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua

You have seen the Stogie Press reviews on the PSyKo SEVEN Maduro and Connecticut over the past years. Now, Ventura Cigars has reached deep into Nicaragua and partnered with Indiana Ortez, a rising cigar industry star, and daughter of tobacco industry icon Omar Ortez. to offer the PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua.

PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua

Set to debut at TAA 2019, this collaboration is an addition to the popular PSyKo SEVEN brand, and offers a fresh, bold point of view from the younger Ortez.

Ventura Cigars noted in their press release that:

Indiana Ortez was also the master blender behind Ventura Cigar’s Fathers, Friends, and Fire limited edition cigar, which earned industry praise when it arrived in Spring 2018. With the success of the Fathers, Friends, and Fire blend, Ventura Cigar Company teamed up with Indiana Ortez again, this time to bring PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua to life.

PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua
PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua

Indiana spearheaded the project with her trademark enthusiasm and expertise, testing blend after blend to get exactly the essence she was looking for. The result is the bold and complex PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua; offering rich, nuanced flavors that constantly evolves throughout the smoking experience. It’s a cigar that invites you to unleash the madness and experience of the spirit of Nicaragua.

Indiana Ortez
Indiana Ortez

Regarding the PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua blend, Ortez noted:

”Whenever you want to create a new blend, you need to depend on your intuition. It’s like a recipe- you can’t force making something that’s truly great. If you enjoy the process as you go through it, your intuition will guide you.

Every cigar has a story to tell. Every puff from a favorite cigar is the story behind the growers, the workers, the blenders- the people who have dedicated their lives to the craft.”

As part of the first Nicaraguan tobacco family, Indiana Ortez has a knack for the craft in her blood. She’s been part of the industry since she was a child, inspired by her father’s passion and relentless perseverance, which was handed down from his own father.

The PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua is hand-rolled in the Ortez factory in Condega Nicaragua, and is wrapped in a 2007 vintage Desflorada wrapper as a nod to the stories of those working within the tobacco industry before her. The complete blend has not been revealed as of yet nor the MSRP.

Ventura Cigars produced a couple of videos to help introduce the blend to the market, both of which you can view below. If the video does not open use the password “kretek” to open it.

Speaking of Indiana Ortez, Michael Giannini, General Manager at Ventura Cigar Company commented in the press release:

“Indiana has such vision. She has a genuine, organic understanding for the nuances of tobacco, and knows how to bring it to life so the smoke can be enjoyed to the fullest. She’s a real talent, and we’re so pleased to be working with her and getting her passion and story blended into our PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua cigar.”

The PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua will be available in 3 vitolas and come packaged in 20-count boxes:

  • Gordo (6 x60)
  • Robusto (5 x50)
  • Toro (6 x50)

I will comment here, that the color of the box will draw your attention to the shelf it sits on in any humidor.

In a final closing statement, Ventura Cigars opined:

“It (PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua) joins other PSyKo SEVEN blends, which feature unexpected juxtapositions of flavor and boldness, encouraging smokers to disconnect their minds from the chaos and commotion of the everyday with an enjoyable smoke.”

PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua
PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua