Cigar News: Zev Kaminetsky Named VP of Sales for Fratello Cigars

Fratello Cigars has announced the hiring of Zev Kaminetsky as the new VP of Sales for Fratello Cigars.  Kaminetsky is a cigar industry veteran, having spent nearly 15 years with Camacho, Drew Estate & most recently as National Sales Director for Royal Agio Cigars USA (Balmoral Premium Cigars).  

Zev Kaminetsky

Fratello Cigars Owner, Omar de Frias, noted:

“I’ve known Zev since before I started Fratello.  His professionalism, work ethic and family values fit right into our culture of hard work.  I respect his commitment and the reputation he has worked so hard to build with the hundreds of brick and mortars and consumers he has come across with.  I can’t be any more excited to welcome Zev to our small family.”

Kaminetsky added:

“I first met Omar on a trip thru the Washington, DC area with Jose Blanco while he still worked at NASA. I immediately recognized his passion for, as well as knowledge of, Premium Cigars & Tobacco. When he started Fratello Cigars a few years later, I knew it would not only be an amazing experience for him, but that his presence would have an instant & lasting effect on our industry. Watching what he has achieved in such a short time is a testament what he brings to the table, and I look forward to learning from him as we take the Fratello brand to the next level.”

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Kaminetsky is scheduled to begin his new position at Fratello Cigars January 11th, 2021. Fratello Cigars was established in 2013.  Since inception Fratello has grown to be sold in over 800 brick and mortars in the US and 15 international destinations.

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