Cigar Obsession Final Third Cigar Review

Here at Stogie Press, we believe in being fair and with that fairness in mind, we removed the previous opening statement that basically warned followers of Cigar Obsession & Bryan Glynn that I didn’t enjoy this cigar.
Some of the feedback I am receiving asks why I feel this cigar is overpriced. Here’s my reasoning:

A superior premium cigar is about quality control. So why are some brands consistently producing award winning cigars with no “bad apples”? Quality control. They test each & every cigar, then remove the ones from the batches that do not pass muster. The costs of these “bad apples” is spread out over the final price of the cigars, hence why I and consumers feel there should be a better smoking experience from a $13 cigar then you get from a $5 cigar. The consumer should never find a “bad apple” in a $13 cigar. Can a $5 cigar provide a superior experience? Of course, but if I find inconsistencies, I am not bothered by that. It’s a $5 cigar. For more then twice the price, I expect more. Much more. I don’t think I am alone in that.

That said, here’s my review of the Cigar Obsession Final Third:

Normally if a cigar is not worthy of a review, I would reach out to the brand owner and explain the reason, but these guys  have produced some quality cigars. The real issue is when a cigar like the Cigar Obsession Final Third costs between $13.00 and $16.50 per stick, depending on the vitola, it better perform. In fact, with all the Padron Cigars Bryan Glynn enjoys, he should know, a cigar in that price range should perform like a Padron.

So with that out-of-the-way let’s discuss the cigar.

The Cigar Obsession Final Third is the 3rd release in a series produced by Bryan and David. It follows the First Third and the Second Third.  I liked the First Third so I was looking forward to enjoying the Final Third. According to David Blanco from Blanco Cigars,  the blend is described as:

  • Wrapper – Nicaraguan Habano
  • Binder – Nicaraguan
  • Filler – Nicaraguan

The Cigar Obsession Final Third is available in 4 box pressed vitolas that are packaged in 5-pack bundles (sorry folks – no boxes with this,  maybe Bryan is trying to keep the price down)

  • Robusto (5 x 54) $13.00
  • Lancero (7 x 38) $14.00
  • Toro (6 x 54) $15.00
  • Torpedo (6.5 x 54) $16.50

Yes, you read those dollar costs correct, that is per cigar! For this review I sampled the CO Final Third Robusto which I received from David Blanco at last years IPCPR , so it has been resting in my humidor for 9 months.

Pre-Light Examination

The CO Final Third is nice looking cigar, with reddish-brown (Colorado) colored wrapper.The cigar is firmly boxed pressed with sharp edges and minimal veins.  There is a slight oily sheen to the wrapper along with a touch of marbling. The cigar is finished with a well applied triple cap.

A single band adorns the cigar that declares it as the Cigar Obsession CO Final Third using a bright gold and white motif  On the side of the band it states this is Hand Made by Blanco Cigars.

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Running the cigar along the nose, I picked up a light curing barn aroma along the barrel and earth and pepper off the foot.

After slicing the cap, the cold draw was fairly open delivering the sames notes of pepper and earth.

So this seems to be a decent start except for the open draw, which I was a bit concerned about. It was time to ignite this with my soft flame lighter and start the journey.

Cigar Review Notes

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third

  • Initial light offers a hit of pepper nasal burn through a thick smoke 
  • Buttery notes enter under the pepper
  • Medium grey ash forms resting on medium char line
  • Before getting through the first third it started to canoe, I let it go for a little more hoping it would fix itself but to no avail
  • Bitter coffee bean notes enter after first inch 
  • Floral aroma develops
  • A major touch up was needed here to correct the burn
  • Smoke begins to blend and smooth out at the end of first third
  • Bitterness and mineral (pencil lead) enter at the start of the second third 
  • Ash fell into the second third with a flat and slightly off centered burn cone
  • Barrel is getting a bit squishy
  • Not much else going on flavor-wise other than a mild sliver of spice midway to possibly hide the pencil lead note
  • The barrel is getting hot to the touch – this is  not good and I am puffing slowly
  • Ash is more white at this point 
  • I am getting a pasty taste on the palate into the second third
  • A woody aroma develops
  • Entering final third things start to pick up as a background of sweetness  enters
  • Aroma is turning to a roasted nut
  • Still has a bitter background and pasty coating on the palate
  • Spice increases closer to nub
  • Cocoa aroma finishes it
  • Wrapper cracked in the final third
  • Mild to Medium in strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 35 minutes

Overall, the CO Final Third is just that at best. The real flavors of this cigar did not present themselves until the final third. The start had major burn issues  and the middle had flavors that almost made me discard it with notes like pencil lead, off bitterness, and a pasty palate. The barrel burned hot to the touch long before the end and there was a developing squish to the barrel. The final resulted in a cracked wrapper but at least the end had some much better flavor. Considering this cigar is $13.00 and the only real enjoyment I got – if you can call it that – was in the aptly named Final Third, it should retail for no more than $4.30. I am sorry guys this one is a no go.

Cigar Obsession Final Third

Cigar Obsession Final Third


51 thoughts on “Cigar Obsession Final Third Cigar Review

  • Why would being a fan matter? If it’s an unbiased review? If you left the first part out you’d be more believable.

    • Beacause I knew this would hit back so I put the statement in. The statement. Believe it or not was the last thing I wrote before I published it. So the review is unbiased. And like I said, I really wanted this to perform considering my experience with the first third and the overall price – I was expecting a spectacular experience. I was let down on this one.

  • It appears that this review was going to be bullshit from the start. Maybe the “issue” with the cigar burn was you? Maybe the storage conditions over the last 9 months have been less than perfect? However, maybe this is just a personal attack on Bryan…

    • Yes – maybe it’s me – my storage – every other cigar I Smoke has the same problem – NOT – the cigar was not good. After I wrote this and saw some feedback – I looked deeper and found just one other review other than the one Bryan did himself. That review also was quite low so maybe this cigar is not that good after all.

  • This “review“ is a disgrace. It is needlessly personal with gratuitous shots taken at several of the personalities. In fact, you confirm this in your opening. If you found that the cigar not worthy of a review, why review it? Why not simply post a review and then indicate you are disappointed? Why is signed and insulting price? It is just all so disgracefu why not simply post your review and then indicate you are disappointed? Why is sign and insulting price? I’ll tell you why: because you wanted to take the people involved it down a few notches. I assure you I will never read another review of yours again or patronize any brand with which you eventually become associated. I’ll tell you why: because you wanted to take the people involved down a few notches. I assure you I will never read another review of yours again or patronize any brand with which you eventually become associated.

    • When you are selling a $13 – $16 cigar and it does not perform – my readers need to know. If this was a Bundled cigar for say $5.00 that would be a different story. But it wasn’t.

      • Then just say you didn’t feel it was a $13 stick. There really is no reason to be personal about it. I’ve never had Dave’s sticks, but I do follow Bryan on social media. I don’t really know him very well. As for your premise, I don’t agree with it. I have definitely smoked cigars in that price range where you get a stick that might not be up to snuff. I’ve had some really good national brands where I occasionally get a dud. Or, just something that’s not like the others. It could be anything from storage at the point of sale to a bad stick.

        If you were being fair, and I suspect you’re not, you would review it again. However, by your logic, nothing would change because no $13 cigar should ever be different or contain a dud. I think that’s just silly. $13 is mid-priced. We’re not talking a $40 stick.

  • unbiased review my ass your a little bitch that hates him and looks to try to know him down. i dont no bryan or his beand but it sounds like your a cunt with a bunch in your painties for him. i have never had any problems with any of the blonco line EVER.

    • David, I have never had an issue with a Blanco Cigar and as I said in the review I thought the CO First Third was good. But when a $13.00 cigar performs the way this did – it is my responsibility to inform my readers. Face it, the cigar is just not great as you would expect for that price.

  • Ignore the hate, Brian posted on FB so you’re going to get his fan boys coming that don’t read past the first paragraph. I think it was a well done and unbiased review. I had a similar experience with the toro. It’s refreshing to read a review, for any industry, that’s not positive. It’s important to know if something is not good.

    • Matthew – thanks – negative reviews are not the norm but I agree with you- sometimes it has to be said . I appreciate you reading StogiePress.
      I know I am going to get push back but it is what it is.

  • With respect, do you only use one cigar to do your reviews, or do you sample two or three as many publications and websites do? I found mentioning the price point to be somewhat offputting too. If a cigar is good or bad, price shouldn’t matter, the cigar itself should stand alone or not. I’d remove that disclaimer too. There are people that don’t enjoy “old boy” brands or even the modern boutique cigar. If they had disclaimers like this, they’d instantly lose credibility. Even if people do or don’t like Bryan and David’s work, that shouldn’t matter towards an unbiased review.

    • I will sample what the brand owner provides – in this case 1. With that said, the price very much matters especially if the cigar is bad and the price high. The consumer does have an expectation that a high priced cigar will be a quality experience. Some might say that this was just a bad apple and perhaps I should try it again, but I have to say at the price I expect a flawless burn and non-offensive flavor notes. Perhaps I should remove the intro like you suggested. Let me consider that.

  • LET ME GIVE YOU A HEADS UP! Bryan Glynn has posted a link to this review to his Facebook page and bashing you for a personal and unprofessional attack. That will explain why his fans are here attacking you and boy are they fired up! Now he knew full well that would be the result of posting the link so that was his full intentions of course and I thought you had the right to know. Funny thing is that the reaction from them truly gives credit to why you needed to make the opening statement.

    • Well, that and the personal attacks that have subsequently been removed from the review. Which makes it all the more “shady” anyway. On the bright side, I have never heard of you, nor read a review here, so at least you are getting a lot of traffic on this one day, but likely to disappear into oblivion once again after your 5 minutes of shady fame.

  • Yeah look out, he’s taken this very personal. I thought the review was fine but he hyped this cigar up to his fans to a ridiculous degree. So guess he has to defend it to an equal level. Glynn used to appear to have more ethics than this till that joker Blanco came along. CO has been nothing but an advertisement for his products ever since.

  • If nothing was wrong with what you said, why do you feel the need to edit your article? Maybe you realized that only shitty reviewers push personal attacks in a negative review? There is absolutely no reason to call out by name someone multiple times in a review for a cigar unless you are trying to review the person. So was this a review of a cigar or a person?

  • LMAO…. this is one of the best reviews I have ever seen! Except the one I saw of BG smoking that donkey leg. And of course the meme of BG smoking the “gurkha”.
    I agree with your review 100% though I have never smoked any CO cigar. After needing in BG group on Facebook and getting booted for disagreeing with him about something stupid. Like Riste said FUCK BG! Thanks for the great review jab or no jab toward that …………… it’s all good. Made my day.

    • “I agree with your review 100% though I have never smoked any CO cigar.”

      You’ve got to be kidding.

  • While I’m not doubting your experience with the robusto, I’ve smoked about a dozen of them since they first came out, and it’s almost as if you and I smoked completely different cigars. Not all I’ve had were perfect, but I’d say 10 if the 12 were excellent. The first one I smoked is easily in my top 5 all-time best smokes. I agree at the price these go for you should have gotten better performance, but still think you should revisit – these are good.

    • Terry, thank you for this comment. I would not object to reviewing another or even the full spread of vitolas. Like you said and I agree, for the price this should have no issues and have performed better.

      • I sat on a Behike for 4 years, waiting for that special occasion. When that time came, it was a dud. It happens.

        • My experience with a Behike was it was a decent cigar, but way overpriced and overhyped. I would buy 2 Padron 1926’s and have more pleasure and a few cents left in the wallet.

          • Have you ever had a BAD Padron 1926? I have. What if that ONE was my only experience with them, and let’s say, I did a review saying the ‘26 sucked, and was over-priced and over-hyped, and those who make and market the line were scoundrels? I’m not comparing the 1926 with the Final 3rd – I like them both and will continue to enjoy both – but the negativity here based on one sample? Even from guys who’ve never even tried one? Seems something else may going on here.

          • Terry, I never had a Bad Padron 1926 – I have smoked my fair share of them. There is. There is nothing more going on here other than the Final Third was just not good cigar and as I read the comments and went back and saw Bryan’s review calling it a Padron Killer that is a high water mark that set an expectation for consumers and I. He said it not I.

  • I agree with Mathew, I am part of Brians Cigar Obsession group and his post directed me here, i just read a perfectly good review, Brian is just trying to use his pets to bring you and your review down, very immature of him, some people just cant handle negative reviews of their product, and others use that negative review to better their products, we can now see where Brian sits.

    Expect a Video Reply LMFAO or atleast a new review trying to make it look like the cigar is amazing

  • I don’t buy the $13 comment. Never had a CO. Smoking a MF Le Bijou now. Getting bitterness off and on. Bad burn thru first half that finally self corrected. 2/3 thru a box of Monte Classic Churchills. 2 canoed and tunnelled so bad I had to pitch them 1/3 of the way through.

      • My point is premiums have losers that slip through. MF and MC are great cigars. Why not point that out if you’ve only tried one? It’s a significant ommission. Writing reviews is an art. Ommitting facts or info, if done regularly, will eventually move a reviewer to the commentator category, though both share opinion. (Disclaimer: I’m a retired military journalist and taught journalism. I’ve only smoked cigars for a year+.)

        • Thanks for your comment Larry, I will say this. 95% of the cigars I sample and review are provided to me by the brand owners for the purpose of reviewing them. Sometimes I get 1 sometimes I get more. I have to assume when I get just one it is the best the owner has and that is all I can base the review on. If the cigar has a high retail price I certainly judge it more heavily on quality of construction as that is the expectation of the consumer. It’s like buying a Rolex you expect it to last forever and keep precise time – you probably don’t have that same expectation with a timex.

  • Great review! We absolutely need to know if a $13 STICK is sub par. Fuck Bryan and fuck all his dick riders who are coming on here to bash you and your review!

    • Remember when he sold off his old boxes and bands to CI then bitter ched afterwards that they put cheap cigars in them? He knew what would happen. He used it as pity to promote his brand.

  • There’s nothing wrong with this review. It’s fair and unbiased. David Blanco is a shady character in the industry known by insiders and smokers alike for selling off his old bands and boxes to CI then crying afterwards that they stuck subpar short filler sticks in his old boxes with his name on them. Too bad! Blanco knew that it would happen when he gave up the rights to his old packaging. His quality control is poor too. The American legion reeked of ammonia when I had them. Doesn’t shock me he didn’t even deliver on a high end super premium he dubbed the “Padron killer” What a joke!

    • Hahahaha!! You’re setting yourself up for failure when you dub your stick “the Padron killer”! That’s is so hilarious!

  • Let me just a minute and commend you of having the b——— to bash a cigar when it’s isnt GOOD. No cigar costing that much should be bad it better be damn good or I am never buying it again.I have been smoking cigars for fifty years and some brands are too in consistent thanks again for being honest!!!!

  • You are a filfthy reviewer. B is an amazing guy and the best in the biz. You are garbage not worthy of him.

  • Why do you keep changing your review? I have been reading your reviews for a while but this one seems petty. I can understand not liking the cigar but is this some kind of publicity stunt? The original review, while a bit of a call out, was fine. It’s your site, your opinion. Every time I have looked this review has changed to reword parts about CO dude.

    • The only change we made was in the opening statement – we wanted to be clear based on the comments revived – nothing petty here. The detail content of the review is the same. I am not clear what you might be referring to.Can you point me to what else you feel has changed.

      Thanks for reading StogiePress

  • I just finished smoking the Final third. Had the first two the last two nights. I smoked each one with water and before the First Third Tuesday night I hadn’t smoked for almost a week. That being said; I did not like any of them. The last third of the First Third cigar was the only enjoyable part of all three. Basically all three tasted like ashtray with a hint of pepper. After the Final Third tonight I wanted to see other reviews and came across yours. I do watch Bryan’s reviews all the time and I am part of the FB fan group. Final thoughts; you can’t like them all!

    Bought them a few months ago, stored at 65% in my basement which is always a stable temp.

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