Cigar Product Review – The Nubber – Cigar Nub Tool

In this episode, Boston Jimmie from Stogie Press, reviews the Classic Nubber from The Nubber, LLC a veteran owned business based out of Cedar Hill, TX.

Cigar Nub tools have become increasingly popular as part of the utility tools for cigar enthusiasts to draw every puff of smoke that can be offered. The Nubber, is a well constructed tool that is designed to be carried in your pocket or cigar case and even has a magnet to attach it to a metal surface like your BBQ grill or golf cart.

Using two thin prongs instead of one, it keeps the cigar nub from spinning on the prongs like many others do and those prongs are thin so there is less chance of damaging the wrapper. They run about $35.00 and are hand made in the United States of America. You can check them out at