Cigar Reviews – Crux Classic 6×52

Cigar Reviews – Crux Classic 6×52


It has been a long few days and we spent over 21 hours walking the convention floor talking to and interviewing manufacturers. We received many samples and now it is time to choose one. I reached in my portable humidor and pulled out a Crux Classic 6×52. A side note; Crux cigars have been in the retail side of the business for over 20 years and now they have entered into the manufacturer end of the business. Crux Cigars are packaged in  a split box, one side has single sticks and the other has 2 packages of 5 for a total of 20 sticks in a box. A unique concept that gives retailers additional choice.IMG_4725

So, tonight is partially cloudy with speckles of stars burning through the Vegas sky, there is a wind blowing, hot and dry, which is different from the last few almost still nights. A party is going on in the lounge but I sit in peaceful solitude, outside in the heat of the night, enjoying a new friend, brought to me after many years of aging and fermenting. Examining the Crux Classic, it has a rich brown wrapper and sweet smell, both along the stick and on the foot. The band has been meticulously applied with pride.

IMG_20140722_213207The pre-light draw brought notes of some kind of berry flavor that I cannot put my finger on. I decide to get some Laphroig 10, as I do not know what to expect from the Crux. I figure I can’t go wrong some nice single malt.


Firing it up, there is a heavy dose of spice at the start which mixes with the still unfamiliar berry flavor early in the burn. The spice settles down after 1/2 inch of solid burn. A nice light grey ash is burning straight at the start. It has a full flavor and rich smoke .


Some young ladies come out side to enjoy a cigarette and compliment me on the scent of the wafting smoke of my cigar. I smile and thank them for the compliment, and tell them I will pass it on to the manufacturer. They seemed puzzled by that comment. They talked amongst themselves and then went back to the party inside.


The flavor is beginning to mellow and blend into a tasty mix of nuts and berries. The retro-hale is gentle with just a touch of spice. The stick is consistent in both flavor and burn. I am enjoying the ash very much as it is staying strong. As I approach the end of the first 3rd, the unfamiliar berry flavor fades. I take a few sips of the Laphroig 10 to loosen my palate. After a good 3 inches, about half way down, the ash finally fell.

The sweetness died down and a bit of bitterness entered – perhaps a change is coming. I start to get a hint of coffee especially on the burn. As I approach the finish, the stick mellows out and leaves me with just my thoughts of the day and sounds of taxicabs picking up and dropping off guests and David Bowie playing on the sound system.

My last stogie in Vegas was an excellent pick.

Good bye my tasty friend. I will look for you again