Cigar Review: Crux Epicure Short Salomone – Rated 97

When I published the news that Crux Cigars will be introducing a Limited Edition Short Salomone vitola of their acclaimed Epicure cigar, I said to myself, can the Crux crew top the original Epicure? I mean it was the #5 cigar of the year in a year with plenty of fine competition. I certainly wanted to know the answer to that question, and today I have answered it, please welcome my take on the latest Crux cigar – the Epicure Short Salomone.

Crux Epicure Short Salomone
Crux Epicure Short Salomone

To start with, let me remind you that the Epicure is the first in the Crux ‘Short Salomone’ series. As a limited production run, the Epicure Short Salomone will have an initial production of 500 (10-count boxes) or less.

In the press release, Crux Cigars President Jeff Haugen stated:

“The Short Salomone Series is really a showcase of craftsmanship, due to the difficulty this vitola presents. Only the best rollers can execute this shape,”

Yes, a Salomone vitola is one of the most difficult and in this case we are talking about a Short Salomone, which is not a normal size coming out of any factory. In the case of Crux, the Epicure short Salomone is rolled by a single pair at the La Catedral de Tabaco factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

The cigar tips the scale at 6 x 54 and retails for $12.99/cigar. The blend is the same as the original Crux Epicure:

  • Wrapper – Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Binder – Nicaraguan
  • Filler – Nicaraguan

Of course, being a Salomone vitola, this will have a some enhanced flavors due to the shape which starts with a small ignited tip and then branching out to the largest diameter of the cigar before tapering down to the torpedo style head.

Pre-light Examination

The Crux Epicure Short Salomone is simply a gorgeous and well constructed cigar. It has a medium tan and shiny wrapper with minimal veins that is satin smooth to the touch. Both the head and foot are perfectly finished and it is sad that I had to burn through the two samples I received for this review.

The cigar is adorned with the same band used on the original Crux Epicure. As I said in that review:

The band on this pops on the cigar with its bold ruby-red, gold and white motif. The Crux logo is centered vertically in the middle with lots of scrolls and the Crux cross on the side. The word “Epicure” is printed below in bright gold on white background. You won’t miss this cigar on the shelf in a crowded humidor.

Boston Jimmie

The barrel of the Epicure Short Salomone has an enticing sweet fermented tobacco note. I can not comment on the foot as it is just a tip.

Since the Short Salomone is finished with a torpedo style cap, I chose to cut it, like I would a torpedo, by slicing it at a 45 degree angle about a 1/4 inch down. The cold draw is nicely restricted (even with the figurado tip) and offered a pleasant array of notes including fruit, sweetness, and a growing pepper spice.

I went back to my original review and noted the pre-light was close in aromas and taste though there was a bit more peppery spice. I was ready to burn it to ash. I chose to use the soft flame of a cedar spill to ignite the tip, which took to the flame perfectly to get things going.

Cigar Review Notes

Crux Epicure Short Salomone
Crux Epicure Short Salomone
Crux Epicure Short Salomone
Crux Epicure Short Salomone
Crux Epicure Short Salomone
This was the first sample I smoked – yep solid ash!
Crux Epicure Short Salomone
Crux Epicure Short Salomone
Crux Epicure Short Salomone
Crux Epicure Short Salomone
Crux Epicure Short Salomone
Crux Epicure Short Salomone
  • Big dose of nasal cleaning white pepper that also hits the throat
  • As the pepper recedes, dry fruit notes appear in the profile
  • Cream and almond notes enter at the thickest part of the cigar
  • Toasted caramel aroma wafts off the foot pleasing the nose
  • Solid light grey ash develops on a lightly jagged and medium char line
  • Mild cinnamon spice enters near the start of the second third
  • The cinnamon blends excellently with the fruit and cream
  • Ash fell midway revealing a well formed burn cone
  • Dark chocolate notes fill in the profile – if this was dessert I would ingest it all
  • Decent oiling above the burn line as a fine blue smoke bellows off the foot
  • Spice continues as a toasted sugar note feeds the palate
  • Taking it to the nub, it finishes with an added coffee note as if dessert is finished
  • Medium in Strength
  • Total Smoking time was 1 hour and 30 minutes

Overall, the Crux Epicure Short Salomone was as spectacular as the original Epicure from 2 years ago. In fact, to answer the original question, I feel it is better than the original. Size and shape does matter when it comes to cigars and the Short Salomone delivered on delicious flavors and aromas. There was a slight jag in the burn line but it held onto a large ash and otherwise burned like a champ. I rate this a 97 and it is worth every penny down to the nub!

Point Deductions: (-1) Jagged Burn Line

Bonus Points: (+1) Long Ash; (+1) Buy a Box

Crux Epicure Short Salomone
Crux Epicure Short Salomone