Cigar Review: Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate – Rated 90

One the newest releases from Drew Estate in 2020 is the Deadwood Leather Rose. The cigar was showcased on the company’s Freestyle Live: Special Edition – June 11th and was met with great anticipation from the many Deadwood cigar fans.

In a press release about the new cigar, Jonathan Drew, Founder and President of Drew Estate, exclaimed:

“The “story behind the story” of the Deadwood brand begins with one of Drew Estate’s oldest accounts, formerly owned by Miss Vaughn Boyd of Deadwood Tobacco Company.  Miss Vaughn collaborated with us to create the concept, beginning with the notorious Sweet Jane.  The early adopters were the C.A.T.S and “Cigars for Warriors” communities, but from there the brand continued to grow exponentially … and is a juggernaut at this point.  Deadwood fans around the world, it’s time to fall in love with Leather Rose.  She’s simply bad to the bone.”

Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate

The Leather Rose has blend described as:

  • Wrapper – Brazilian Maduro
  • Binder – Indonesian
  • Filler – Nicaraguan

The Deadwood Leather Rose is expressed in a single (5 x 54) torpedo and comes packaged in 24-count boxes with an MSRP set at in 24 count boxes with an MSRP of $8.10/cigar.

Pre-Light Examination

The Deadwood Leather Rose is certainly a beautiful cigar to look at, with its dark reddish-brown Brazilian wrapper and expertly finished pointed cap. There are just a few veins running along the barrel. Though billed as a ‘Torpedo’ I would say, if not for the pointed cap it is more like a ‘Belicoso – as it is shorter in stature than a traditional torpedo. As I touched the barre,l I noted it is fairly solid in construction with just a little give under the gentle press of the finger. I also noted the wrapper is quite sticky with oils.

Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate

There are two bands that adorn the Leather Rose. The primary band is quite graphical, depicting an image of a red haired woman on a back drop of a spiders web. She has a red rose in her hair and one on her blouse. She is marked with various tattoos on her face and deep red eyes. Beautifully creepy to say the least. The bottom of the band has the phrase “Leather Rose” written in a banner. The back of the band, as wrapped on the liga, displays a black spider web with the Drew Estate logo in it. There is also a black footer band to complete the presentation.

Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate
Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate

I ran the Leather Rose across the nasals and was greeted with rich vanilla spice notes along the barrel and foot.

I sliced the cap about a 1/4 inch down from the tip and proceeded to give it some cold draw puffs. The draw was slightly open and offered notes of vanilla and sweetness. This is one you may want to roll about a bit more and just savor the pre-light experience. I should also note that my CigarMedics HumidiMeter gave me a 65% reading off the foot, which is just fine.

I used my triple flame torch to get the journey started and see what she had to offer. As I warmed her up, the foot took to the heat well as I brought it to a even orange glow. The initial sweet smoke was at maximum volume right off the first puff. Follow along as I burn the Leather Rose to Ash.

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Cigar Review Notes

Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate
Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate
Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate
Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate
Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate
  • Maximum volume of smoke right off the first puff with a mild burn to the nasals
  • Initial sweetness followed with vanilla spice like a sweet whipped cream note
  • Cedar aroma
  • Flaky light grey ash forms on thick and wavy char line
  • A growing leathery note fills in the early profile
  • An orange citrus peel nuance adds more interest to the mix
  • Ash fell with fine burn cone
  • Like many fine Drew Estate Ligas, the Leather Rose pours out oodles of smoke
  • Profile maintains through the first half with sweetness and vanilla cream
  • A mild bitterness enters for a short while
  • Barrel gets squishy in the second half
  • Leather returns
  • Cinnamon spice begins to ratchet up and form the core profile
  • Medium in Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 20 minutes

Overall, this one of a handful of flavored cigars that I have smoked and even fewer that I have reviewed, and I must say I enjoyed the Leather Rose. I know this may not be for everyone, but with the premium leaf used in the blend, it delivered more than just the infused flavor. It had terrific nuances of leather, cedar, and citrus peel. Similar to the Kuba Arte, it eventually settled into its premium leaf profile with increased spice notes and leather in the second half. If you are a fan of flavored cigars especially Deadwood products like the Fat Bottom Betty or Sweet Jane, I highly suggest you pick up a box of the Leather Rose. As JD says, She is Bad To The Bone. If you are not a fan but know someone who is, go buy them some for their birthday, Christmas, or anniversary. As for me, I am going to pick up some, just to have around so I can smoke something unique and different now and then. I rate this a 90.

Point Deductions: (-1) Wave in Burn; (-1) Barrel gets Squishy in Second half; (-1) Mild Bitterness starting the second half; (-1) Flaky Ash

Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate

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  • I did not like it. It has way to much sweetness at the tip. It felt like I was smoking a black and mild with the sweet tip. If they make one without the sugary tip I would probably get it.

  • Had one and thought it was marvelous. Copious smoke, smooth draw from beginning to end. Great flavor and aroma. Definitely ordering some for my collection. Wont share them though, keeping these baby’s for myself.

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