Cigar Review: El Viajante Edicion XXXV -Rated 89

Back in February, Viajante’s Stogie Road owner Kerr Viajante and Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia. owner Dr. Gaby Kafie announced their collaboration on a new premium cigar line; El Viajante Edicion XXXV.  The limited release cigar is the first in a series of The Viajante’s Stogie Road Diaries and is available exclusively to brick and mortar shops.

Kerr was kind enough to send me a couple of samples of this new blend so I could review it on Stogie Press. After resting in my humidor for a while, this beautiful barber pole style vitola was ready to be burned to ash. Today I offer you my take of the El Viajante Edicion XXXV cigar.

To start with, the El Viajante Edicion XXXV comes in a single 6.5 x 52 barber pole toro and as noted above it is manufactured at Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia factory in Danli, Honduras. Production of the El Viajante Edicion XXXV is limited to a total of 500, 10-count boxes with an MSRP set at $9 per cigar.

Kerr Viajante describes the blend as:

  • Wrappers: Honduras Cuban Seed Habano Maduro/Ecuador Connecticut Shade
  • Fillers: Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduras

With regards to the collaboration with Dr. Kafie, Viajante’s Stogie Road owner Kerry Viajante commented:

“It’s been a dream to release a cigar that embodies the Viajante’s Stogie Roads travels. I am blessed to partner with Dr. Gaby Kafie and the talented people at his Honduras factory in order to bring this dream to reality. The quality of tobacco and the blend can only be appreciated and realized if the cigar has impeccable construction. Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia factory delivers in a these details” 

Pre-Light Examination

The El Viajante Edicion XXXV is a well constructed barber pole style vitola that has a few veins and a fine contrast of maduro and shade leaf through the roll. There is a decent sheen to the habano maduro leaf and the seams are all but invisible. The presentation is finished with a well applied cap.

I lieu of a band, Kerr chose to go with a large cedar sleeve to adorn the cigar. The sleeve has the phrase, “Liga Exclusiva El Viajante #35” burned into it. There is also a brown satin footer band that finishes the foot.

Running the liga across the nose, it was no surprise that I picked up rich cedar notes, considering the outer sleeve it is encased in. The foot added notes of black pepper to the olfactory pleasures.

I sliced the cap with my double blade Xikar cutter and took in some snug cold draws that offered a fine array of flavors including; nut, cayenne pepper, sweetness, and earth. This kid of reminds me of a delicious szechuan meal. As I rolled it about some more, before lighting it up, the pepper slowly grew on the palate and create a warm sensation on the cheeks.

With a high level of intrigue and anticipation, it was time to burn it to ash and see how it performs. I used a triple torch lighter to warm the foot and take in the first introductory puffs of pepper and mineral notes.

Cigar Review Notes

El Viajante Edicion XXXV
El Viajante Edicion XXXV
El Viajante Edicion XXXV
El Viajante Edicion XXXV
El Viajante Edicion XXXV
El Viajante Edicion XXXV
El Viajante Edicion XXXV
El Viajante Edicion XXXV
  • Mineral and peppery notes to start
  • Medium volume of smoke to start
  • Nut and butter enter after a half inch of burn
  • Slight wave develops along the thick burn line that is supporting a solid white ash
  • The ash did not live long, falling after an inch,, and revealing a slightly off centered burn cone
  • Natural tobacco sweetness enters along with a pleasant nut aroma
  • Volume starts to open up
  • Cream and coffee notes brighten the profile
  • Wavy burn continues as the burn line is getting thinner midway
  • The draw is smooth and flavors well blended
  • Ash falls in regular chunks revealing a flat burn cone each time
  • Cedar notes enter deep in the second third
  • Cream and coffee continues 
  • The final brings a shift to more of a peppery spice to end the journey
  • Medium in Strength
  • Total Smoking time was 1 hour and 25 minutes

Overall, the El Viajante Edicion XXXV was a fine collaboration between Kerr and Dr. Kafie. The flavors had a decent level of complexity that blended well into smooth smoking experience with flavors and aromas that kept me interested through the journey. From a construction perspective, There was a continued wave in the burn and the ash fell more often than I like. I rate this a 89.

Point Deductions: (-1) Wavy Burn; (-1) Off Centered Burn Cone; (-1) Flat Burn Cone; (-1) Frequent Ash Drops (-1) Mineral Notes early

El Viajante Edicion XXXV
El Viajante Edicion XXXV

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