Cigar Review: Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill – Rated 94

Back in June, Gran Habano Cigars announced they would be showcasing their latest creation – Blue in Green – at this years IPCPR. Throughout the week of the show, I visited the Gran Habano booth numerous times hoping to get a moment with George Rico to catch up on all things GH. Unfortunately our paths did not cross this year as George was quite busy with his customer base. 

Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill

George did not forget me though, and recently sent me samples of the new Blue in Green to review on Stogie Press.

So what exactly is this Blue in Green cigar? Without knowing the back story, you would think it has something to do with the leaf itself.  Of course blue on a green tobacco leaf would be a bad thing because blue would be indicative of mold which we don’t want on our treasured cigars. 

In reality, the term “Blue in Green” is a nod to George Rico’s favorite Miles Davis song of the same name. Blue in Green is rare and vintage Miles Davis, and as such, George Rico, owner of Gran Habano, chose to use selected leaf from the best vintage tobaccos.

Described as a medium body cigar, Gran Habano notes:

“..this Connecticut wrapped cigar embodies the rich nuances of its fillers from the exceptional sunbathed soils of Nicaragua.”

The full blend of the Gran Habano Blue in Green is described as:

  • Wrapper – Connecticut
  • Binder – Nicaraguan
  • Filler – Nicaraguan

The Blue in Green is produced at the company’s G.R. Tabacalera Unidas factory in Honduras and is available in 3 vitolas and packaged in 20-count boxes:

  • Gran Robusto 6 x 54
  • Robusto 5 x 52
  • Churchill 7 x 48

The MSRP ranges from $9.00 – $9.50 which makes it decently affordable to the average consumer.

Pre-Light Examination

The Gran Habano “Blue in Green” is a golden tan well constructed cigar that is smooth to the touch and solid from head to foot. Examining the wrapper closer, I noticed some green spots scattered about the leaf and there was a slight orange tinge and a decent sheen under the light. As far as veins in the wrapper, they are barely noticeable and the seams were invisible. The whole presentation is completed with a triple cap.

Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill

The company chose to use some significant adornments for the cigar including a long cedar sleeve that is affixed with golden satin bands on top and bottom. The phrase “Blue in Green” is printed along the sleeve in blue ink. There is also a primary band that that uses a blue and gold motif  with the golden words “Blue in Green” printed in gold with “Gran Habano” printed atop. The company chose not to use their iconic logo on this introduction. I would also like to note the care and precision that the primary band is applied with the golden lines aligned all the way around the band. The whole presentation is complete with a triple cap.

The outer sleeve is removed with a gentle tug and slides off with ease. Once the sleeve was removed I gave it a short sniff test and was pleased with the mild baking spice aroma on the barrel along with the  earthy, wet hay, and spice notes of the foot.

I sliced the cap just above the shoulder line with a double blade Xikar cutter and proceeded to give it some cold draw puffs. The draw was excellent and delivered notes of peppery spice, earth, and butter. I have to say there is a lot going on with the cigar even before I put the flame to it.

To move onto the fully lit stage I chose to use a cedar spill to warm the foot  and also to keep from scorching the sensitive Connecticut wrapper. I also cued up some smooth jazz, including Miles Davis’s “Blue in Green”, to get me in the perfect mood to take a flavor filled journey.

Cigar Review Notes

Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
  • Mild exotic spice begins the journey along with a very enticing fruity aroma
  • Light grey ash evolves on a a fairly thick but wavy char line
  • Butter notes enter, adding a creaminess to the profile
  • After first inch of burn, the smoke is as smooth as the jazz I am listening to
  • I am really enjoying the fruit note that rests in the background
  • Natural tobacco sweetness wraps the now evolving dry fruit  component which adds to the enjoyment
  • The burn has been jagged since the start
  • Spice moves in end of first third
  • Ash finally fell revealing an off centered burn cone which explains the jagged burn to this point 
  • Smoke is full
  • Coffee notes enter
  • Aroma shifts to more of a  spicy fruit in second third
  • By midway, the flavors are extremely balanced between the spice, and fruit  along with the creamy butter back note
  • There is no bite or bitterness to this cigar – just smooth and flavorful smoke on the palate and retro-hale
  • As it moves into the final third a hint of cocoa breaks through to add to the enjoyment and complete the journey
  • Medium in strength
  • Total Smoking time was right around 2 hours

Overall, we rate the Gran Habano Blue in Green a 94.  The cigar had better than average flavors for a Connecticut blend which I attribute to the vintage filler leaf used in its creation. The burn was jagged and wavy through most of the first half and the burn cone was off-centered. All in all this is a terrific blend especially if you like flavorful Connecticut wrapped cigars. At a wallet conscious price point this is certainly worth picking up a fiver especially when you consider the overall time to smoke it.

Point Deductions: (-1) Off Centered Burn Cone; (-1) Jagged Wavy Burn

Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill
Gran Habano Blue in Green Churchill

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