Cigar Review: Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 556 Gordo – Rated 93

The Nat Sherman Timeless brand made its debut back in 2012 and has been a go to cigar for many Nat Sherman fans. The brand originally came in 3 vitolas and then in 2013 the company expanded the portfolio with 3 additional vitolas. Originally called the Nat Sherman Nicaraguan Timeless collection, the company re-branded the line and updated the packaging in 2018. The new name of the Nicaraguan Timeless is now called the Timeless Supreme. Though the name and branding has changed the cigar is still made at the Plasencia Cigars S.A. factory in Nicaragua.

Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560

The blend has also stayed the same and is described as a Nicaraguan puro:

  • Wrapper – Nicaragua
  • Binder – Nicaragua
  • Filler – Nicaragua

The Timeless Supreme has maintained 6 vitolas, each packaged in 21-count boxes since 2013. There are no fancy names for the vitolas as the company chooses just a simple 3 digit code to define the size.

  • 452 (Short Robusto) 4 x 52 – MSRP $7.30
  • 546 (Corona) 5 x 46 – MSRP $7.30
  • 556 (Gordo) 5 x 56 – MSRP $8.40
  • 652T (Torpedo) 6 x 52 – MSRP $8.80
  • 660 (Gordo) 6 x 60 – MSRP $9.50
  • 749 (Churchill) 7 x 49 – MSRP $9.50

For this review I sampled the Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 556 Gordo, which I received as part of the cigar package at the Smoke Inn Great Smoke 2019.

Pre-Light Examination

The Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 556 Gordo is a dark brown cigar that has some light marbling in the leaf and a slight oily sheen. The cigar is soft box pressed and solid in the hand with a velvety feel. There are a few noticeable veins in the wrapper. A simple cap finishes it off.

As I mentioned, the Timeless Supreme has gone through some branding changes since 2012. The new branding uses two bands. The primary band uses the new “Timeless” logo which is now used on the Supreme line in addition to the company’s Panamericana, Sterling, and Prestige lines. The particular line is printed under the logo, in this case “Supreme”.   The secondary band is gold with the phrase “EXCLUSIVELY FOR Nat Sherman Intl.” printed in black. I like the new look to the branding, it is inviting when seen on the shelf.

Getting more acquainted with the Timeless Supreme, I ran it under my nose to see what aromas it had to offer. I picked up sweet and earthy notes along the barrel and an inviting cocoa note off the foot.

I sliced the cap with a straight cut to open it up and gave it some cold draw puffs that were a bit more restricted than I normally like. The draw offered an array of pre-light notes including butter and light fruit.

As I warmed the foot, with a double flame torch lighter, I drew in the first few puffs of spicy smoke. Follow along as I break down the Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 556 and turn it to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
  • Initial light offers a medium volume of spicy smoke
  • Cedar notes quickly follow joined with a sweet cinnamon aroma 
  • Light grey ash develops on top of a slightly wavy, medium char line
  • Cocoa notes add to the early profile with a citrus and earthy finish
  • Citrus moves forward after inch plus of burn
  • Extremely enticing aroma mixes the cinnamon with a buttery toast
  • Earth grows near end of first third
  • Nice solid ash continues to grow
  • Spice adds back in with a hint of sweetness on the finish
  • Starts to burn a little hot to the touch
  • Smoke volume maintains at medium
  • Toasty aroma continues
  • Coffee notes enter just south of the primary band blending well with the cocoa, sweetness, and spice 
  • Excellent ash held to the primary band before falling revealing a sharply pointed burn cone
  • Mint nuance enters briefly
  • Rich cocoa notes enter deep in second third
  • Flavors blended well going into final with a predominant spice component and long lemon citrus finish
  • Medium Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 30 minutes

Overall, the Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560 was a fine cigar with a complex and balanced array of flavors and aromas that kept me interested from foot to nub. The ash was spectacular and fell only once during the journey. There was a slight wave in the burn and the cigar did burn hot to the touch near the midway point. Once the ash did fall, it had a sharply pointed burn cone. Even so, I would say this is certainly worth a fiver and with the medium strength I would say it should be enjoyed by both experienced and new cigar enthusiasts alike. I rate this a 93.

Point Deductions: (-1) Slightly Wavy Burn; (-1) Pointed Burn Cone; (-1) Medium Volume of Smoke; (-1) Burned hot to the Touch midway

Bonus Points: (+1) Long Ash

Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560
Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 560