Cigar Review: Plasencia Alma Del Campo Guaguiro – Rated 93

The Plasencia tobacco family has been known for generations for their quality tobacco cultivation but up until 2016, that tobacco was used to roll over 35 million cigars annually, under non-Plansencia brand banners. That all changed at the 2017 IPCPR when Nestor Plasencia Sr. and his son Nestor Jr. unveiled a line of premium cigars bearing the family name. As part of that announcement the family also stated they formed a U.S. distribution company to handle the distribution of their new line.

The line would be known as the Plasencia Alma Series. The word “Alma” translates to soul in Spanish and Nestor Jr. notes:

“As the name of Plasencia Alma Series implies, this project is a way to connect the soul of our family and our cigars with the soul of all cigar aficionados.” 

There are 2 blends in the Alma Series, although earlier media reports said there was 5 planned. Each blend is crafted from purely Nicaraguan tobacco grown exclusively on Plasencia farms:

  • Alma Fuerte
  • Alma del Campo

Currently these are the 2 Alma Series blends found on the market.

Today I offer a review of the Alma del Campo which I received at last years IPCPR. The Alma del Campo is available in 5 vitolas and come packaged in 10-count boxes:

  • Tribu (5 x 52) Robusto – MSRP $15.00
  • Guaguiro (5.5 x 54) Double Robusto – MSRP $16.00
  • Sendero (6 x 56) Toro – MSRP $17.00
  • Travesia (6.5 x 54) Toro – MSRP $17.00
  • Madrono (6.5 x 58) Gordo- MSRP $19.00
Alma del Campo Guaguiro
Alma del Campo Guaguiro

As mentioned, the blend is simply described as:

  • Wrapper – Nicaragua
  • Binder – Nicaragua
  • Filler – Nicaragua

I sampled the Alma del Campo Guaguiro for this review.

Pre-Light Examination

The Plasencia Alma del Campo is a solid and well constructed cigar with a medium brown wrapper that has a decent oily sheen and significant marbling throughout. There are a few veins that run through the leaf and it is finished with a well applied cap.

Three bands are displayed on the cigar. The primary band uses a dark grey and white motif and is shaped like a shield. It has the name “PLASENCIA” boldly printed in white along with the letter “P” encircled above it. The Phrase “Alma del Campo” is printed below. The footer band is white and identifies the cigar as the “Alma del Campo” in grey lettering. The final band is wrapped above the primary and uses the circled P logo repetitively around it.

The pre-light aromas on the Plasencia Alma del Campo is inviting, with a sweet spice along the barrel and fresh baking spice notes off the foot.

I sliced the cap with my double blade Zikar cutter and gave it the obligatory cold puffs. Each puff treated the palate to notes of pepper and an almond like component. The restriction was just to my liking.

It was time fire this one up and take it down to ash, so I warmed the foot with my triple torch lighter, bringing it to a perfect even glow, and took in the first delightful puffs of smoke.

Cigar Review Notes

Alma del Campo Guaguiro
Alma del Campo Guaguiro
Alma del Campo Guaguiro
Alma del Campo Guaguiro
Alma del Campo Guaguiro
Alma del Campo Guaguiro
Alma del Campo Guaguiro
Alma del Campo Guaguiro
  • On first light my palate was treated to a chocolaty spice and “everything nice” to start the journey
  • Rich thick smoke develops on every puff
  • Sweetness and cedar join the profile
  • Medium grey ash evolves on a thick char line
  • Sweetness is front and center
  • Smoke is quite smooth after an inch of burn
  • Ash fell just south of the primary band with a well centered and formed burn cone
  • Coffee notes enter with a gentle spice component in the background
  • Earthy bitterness enters deep in second third enjoined with a nut component
  • Trouble free burn
  • Coffee, earth, and spice continues into the final third
  • Finishes with a medium strength
  • Smoke was a tad hot in the final
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 30 minutes

Overall the Plasencia Alma del Campo Guaguiro was a smooth smoke that offered notes of sweetness and spice along with nuances of coffee, nut, earth, and cedar through the burn. The cigar was very well behaved with no major burn issues but it did start to smoke hot near the final. I rate this a 93. At an MSRP of $16.00 this is one I may pick up another of to enjoy or maybe lets age.

Point Deductions: (-2) Burns hot in the final; (-1) Buy one Again

Alma del Campo Guaguiro
Alma del Campo Guaguiro