Cigar Saveur – Cigar of the Month Club

You may have already seen my video on Cigar Saveur this week, but just in case, here it is again.

Let me tell you more about this company. Cigar Saveur, was founded in March of 2016 by two cigar friends, Adam Fox and Michael Hodges. Their goal was to help educate cigar smokers to the difference between a quality cigar and a sub par quality cigar.  Their site is not just a run of the mill cigar of the month club, but rather a “communal journey”  where we all smoke the same 4 cigars throughout the month, chat about them, record our thoughts.

Cigar Saveur is not an online retail cigar site. You can’t buy cigars from them. In fact, part of the concept is to get premium cigars in the hands of cigar lovers with the hope, if they like them, members will visit their local brick and mortar shop to purchase more.

I was contacted by Adam Fox last month and we have had a few chats since then. Adam explained to me:

When our members smoke each cigar, they can log in to their personal account and rate each cigar, like an online Captain’s log.  It’s all about trying new things, having an open mind, and exploring the world of premium cigars together. We have guys who have been smoking 25 years learning right alongside guys who’s first real cigar came from us.

The Cigar Saveur process is simple. You log onto their site and start a paid subscription of $39.99 a month plus $3.99 for shipping. Each month you will receive at least 4 truly premium cigar examples of all different sizes, origins, both big and boutique brands. Each shipment comes in a well designed package as you can see below.

Once the box is opened, you will be greeted with an information sheet that describes the cigars in that month’s shipment. The cigars are packed in a vacuum sealed pouch that locks in the natural humidity and protects the cigars in shipment. The pouch is delicately wrapped in white tissue paper, not some old newspaper, bubble wrap, or styrofoam peanuts.  These guys take pride and great care in shipping.

Adam went on to explain:

Nobody is doing all-premium like us, and nobody is doing community like us. We are intentionally NOT a retailer, so we make unbiased decisions based on what we really like and think is worth smoking. If our members find something they like, we point them to their local B&M. So we are supplemental for most smokers. We consider ourselves kind of like the tour guides of premium.

Now I know that some will tell me you can buy these cigars for the same price at your local shop. That may well be true. In fact, in this past months shipment, the cigars I received were roughly the same price as my local shops or even online. But not all were available in every shop.

If you are like many cigar smokers I know, you may even pass up purchasing one of these cigars because you were not familiar with them or you are stuck to a line or brand. That my friends, is what makes Cigar Saveur a cool club. They do the research and select the best premium cigars for you to sample each month.

  • You get 4 excellent cigars each month.
  • You get to expand your palate.
  • You can share your thoughts with others on the site.
  • You look forward to the cool Cigar Saveur box in the mail each month.

I was skeptical at first, but once I received the first shipment, Cigar Saveur made a follower out me. I have shown this to others and they were also  impressed with the samples and the packaging.

Adam and Michael tell me that Cigar Saveur is getting ready to ship the next set of samples and they promise it will be a very special Christmas edition. All I can say is, it is worth the price and I am sure, based on my experience, that you will enjoy the cigars. I look forward to sharing my notes and thoughts on the Cigar Saveur site as I work my way through this months shipment.

~ Boston Jimmie