Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020 – Rated 94

Introduced in June of 2020, the Las Calaveras EL 2020 is an all new blend from Crowned Heads of their yearly limited release of cigars that started back in 2014. Las Calaveras was born as a tribute to those who have passed away in the previous year, and is intended to be a celebration of life and memories made, as opposed to a mournful symbol of sadness and death. 

Crowned Heads co-owner/founder, Jon Huber noted in the press release:

“Las Calaveras has been one of our most sought-after annual releases since 2014. We felt that this year was time for a hard reset, of sorts, in that we are scaling total production back to the original release numbers of only 1,000 boxes per vitola, thus ensuring that this year’s release will be even more in demand.”

Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020

The full blend is described as:

  • Wrapper – Habano (Oscuro)
  • Binder – Nicaraguan
  • Filler –  Nicaraguan

This years Las Calaveras EL is offered in three vitolas and come packaged in 24-count boxes. The company also offers a 4-cigar sampler that includes one of each vitola along with a sampler-exclusive (6 1/8″ x 52) Torpedo. If you ever wondered as to why the boxes are packed 8 cigars across and 3 deep, it is because number “8” is a symbol of infinity as in everlasting life, and the three rows signify the beginning, middle, and end of life’s cycle.

The three other vitolas are:

  • LC48 (5 1/2 x 48) MSRP $10.95
  • LC52 (5 x 52) MSRP $11.95
  • LC56 (6 x 56) MSRP $12.95

Las Calaveras EL 2020 is manufactured at My Father Cigars, S.A., in Esteli, Nicaragua with a limited production of 1,000 (24-count) boxes per vitola, along with five-hundred total samplers. For this review I sampled three LC 56 vitolas that were part of my 5-pack purchase from Smokers Abbey in Nashville, TN as part of my 2020 mission to “KEEP THE LIGHTS ON“.

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Pre-Light Examination

The Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020 LC 56 is a chunky milk chocolate brown cigar that has some noticeable veins and tight packing. The wrapper is smooth to the touch and has a light oily sheen. A neatly applied triple cap finishes the presentation.

Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020

Two bands adorn the cigar. The primary band uses a purple, gold, white, and black motif and proudly displays the La Calaveras name in the center. The secondary footer band uses a gold and black motif and is emblazoned with the Crowned Heads logo.

Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020

Running the Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020 along the nose, I picked up a strong fermented leaf note along the barrel and barnyard and pepper notes off the foot. Using my CigarMedics HumidiMeter I got a reading of 68% humidity off the foot – perfect to start the journey.

I sliced the cap straight across the shoulder and proceeded to take some cold draw puffs that were pleasantly restricted and offered notes of light pepper and a hint of hazelnut.

I used my triple flame torch to get the journey moving as I drew in the first puffs of earthy and peppery medium volume of smoke . Follow along as I burn this one to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020
Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020
Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020
Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020
Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020
Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020
Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020
  • Earthy and pepper start
  • Touch of cream with an evolving sweetness
  • Light grey ash forms on a medium-thick char line
  • Mild jag in burn
  • Cedar notes
  • Thick and full volume of smoke (has that perfect smoke ring texture)
  • Cocoa aroma
  • Coffee notes
  • Solid ash dropped with a well defined burn cone
  • Floral aromas
  • Dark chocolate and sweetness notes enter with undertone of cedar
  • Wavy burn
  • Butter midway
  • Light spice
  • Cedar notes are more prevalent with continued sweetness
  • Rich floral and spice aroma in final third
  • Medium Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 40 minutes

Overall, the Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020 was a complex and flavorful cigar that offered a pleasant journey through notes of chocolate, sweetness, floral, and spice along with enticing nuances and aroma. As far as construction goes, it performed well, with just a slight wave and a bit of an off burn which did not need a touch-up. One sample smoked hot to the touch, which I attribute to smoking too fast, so take your time with this and enjoy it. This is a box worthy cigar and I rate it a 94.

Point Deductions: (-1) Wavy Burn; (-1) Slight Off Burn

Bonus Points: (+1) Extremely Complex; (+1) Box Worthy

Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2020