Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda – Rated 95

As crazy as the 2020 has been, there have been some sweet spots throughout the year. One of those was the announcement that Crowned Heads collaborated once again with Tabacalera Pichardo to produce a new cigar line, the Mil Dias.

Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda

Mil Dias translates to ‘one-thousand days,’ and is a reference to the three-year window of time, required to bring the project from intention to fruition, and ultimately, to completion. The project began in the Summer of 2017 when Don Eradio Pichardo and Luciano Meirelles presented blend samples to Jon Huber of Crowned Heads at the IPCPR Trade Show.

Crowned Heads co-owner/founder, Jon Huber noted:

“l was very impressed with those initial samples and I felt the blend had tremendous potential. Little did I know that those samples would take us on a nearly three-year journey of blend exploration and experimentation.”

The blend of the Crowned Heads Mil Dias is described as:

  • Wrapper – Ecuadorian Habano
  • Binder – Nicaraguan
  • Filler – Nicaragua, Peru, and Costa Rica

The Mil Dias is expressed in 4 vitolas, each packaged in 20-count boxes:

  • Corona Gorda (6 x 46)
  • Edmundo (5 3/8 x 52)
  • Double Robusto (6 3/8 x 50)
  • Sublime (6 x 54)

For this review, I purchased five Mil Dias Corona Gordas from Don Yeyo Cigars in Dearborn, Michigan as part o the Stogie Press 2020 Mission to Help Keep The Lights On.

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Pre-Light Examination

The Crowned Heads Mil Dias is a silky smooth, medium reddish brown cigar, that is light on veins and solid to the touch. A double cap neatly finishes the presentation.

Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda

A single white, red, and gold band adorns the cigar. The name “Mil Dias” is printed on the side of the band and the center of the band has an artistic letter “M”. A golden circle surrounds the logo.

Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda

I ran the Mil Dias along the nose and was greeted with a light spice along the barrel, while the foot offered notes of chocolate and nut.

I sliced the cap, straight across the shoulder, and drew in the first cold puffs of pepper along with a hint of sweetness and fruit. The restriction was spot on and much to my liking.

With the pre-light experience firing on all cylinders, it was time to fire this one up and burn it to ash. My double flame Bugatti lighter was perfect for warming the foot as I drew in the first puffs delicious natural tobacco sweetness. Follow along, as I break this one down for you.

Cigar Review

Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda
Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda
Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda
Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda
Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda
Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda
Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda
  • Right off the first the initial puffs offered a delightful natural sweetness
  • The sweetness morphs into a honey note
  • Rich cream notes complete the early profile
  • Solid white ash forms on a straight char line
  • Vanilla notes adds to the cream
  • Ash fell in a nice chunk revealing a well formed burn cone
  • Caramel notes move in start of the second third
  • Chocolate mixes into the profile midway
  • A slight jag in the burn formed deep in the second third
  • Mild nut aroma begins to waft off the foot
  • Moving into the final third a mild spice forms blending well with the underlying sweetness down to the nub
  • Mild to Medium in Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and

Overall, the Crowned Heads Mil Dias was a terrific smoking experience. As a mild to medium strength cigar, the Mil Dias enticed the palate from foot to nub, starting with a sweetness and honey, moving into chocolate and caramel and finishing with a mild spice. The burn was spot on and carried a decent ash between each fall. This is most certainly worth a box buy and I rate this a 95.

Point Deductions: (-1) Mild Jag in burn

Bonus Points: (+1) Buy A Box; (+1) Consistent Across Multiple Samples

Crowned Heads Mil Dias Corona Gorda