Cigar Review: Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua TAA Exclusive – Rated 95

I recently gifted the new Don Pepin Nicaragua TAA Exclusive by a great BOTL (Lou Piscitelli) and have been waiting to give this one a review. The stars aligned one day as I was sorting through what was on the list to review, the Don Pepin Nicaragua caught my eye and called out, me me. So, without looking any further, I picked it up and started to learn about this beautiful looking cigar.

Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua TAA Exclusive

It should be noted that the Don Pepin Nicaragua kicked off the 20th Anniversary of the Don Pepin Garcia brand. Wow, those two decades went by fast! It is called the “Nicaragua” because it is a Nicaraguan Puro. The notation that it is “vintage” has much to do with the band – simple and a throwback to the original Don Pepin cigars.

Being a Nicaraguan Puro, the blend is described by the company simply as:

  • Wrapper – Nicaragua (Corojo 99)
  • Binder – Nicaragua
  • Filler – Nicaragua

The line is expressed in 3 different vitolas, each packaged in 10-count boxes.

  • Robusto (5 x 54) – MSRP $13.50
  • Toro (6 x 52) – MSRP $14.00
  • Gordo (6 x 60) – MSRP $14.50

For this review I sampled one of the robustos.

Pre-Light Examination

The Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua is cloaked in a dark reddish-brown wrapper that has bit of marbling to it and some toothiness. The wrapper has a decent oily sheen and minimal veins. Giving a small pinch between the finger I found it to be well packed and rolled. A triple cap finishes the exquisite construction.

Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua TAA Exclusive

As noted, the band is simple and vintage in styling. It uses a red and cream motif and states Don Pepin on top and Nicaragua on the bottom with the scripted Pepin logo in the center. Not fancy but it does pop nicely in the background of the Corojo leaf.

Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua TAA Exclusive

Running the cigar along the nose I detected a sweet and pungent note along the barrel while the foot offered an inviting nuttiness and pepper.

I used my CigarMedics Baller cutter to open the cap perfectly to my liking and proceeded to give it some cold draw puffs that I found to be spot on with restriction and delivered notes of cashew nut and black pepper. This is one of those cigars I found myself cold puffing a little more to really enjoy the enticing aged tobacco flavor.

Using my single flame torch, I warmed the foot to an even orange glow and drew in the first puffs of pepper with a natural sweetness undertone. Follow along as I burn this one to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua TAA Exclusive
Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua TAA Exclusive
Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua TAA Exclusive
Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua TAA Exclusive
Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua TAA Exclusive
  • First puffs offer pepper and a natural sweetness
  • A light grey ash forms on top of a straight and even medium thick char line
  • The pre-light cashew quickly joins the mix
  • A most interesting black tea note rounds out the early profile
  • The ash fell in an excellent chunk, revealing a signature burn cone
  • Continued nut has formed the core with the underlying sweetness
  • The sweetness become more like sweet cream midway
  • Mild spice notes begin to evolve moving through the second third
  • As it approaches the final third there is a movement to more of a woody note
  • A slight wave appears in the burn
  • The sweetness and receded and the spice becomes more peppery down to the end
  • Medium in Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 35 minutes

Final Analysis

The Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua TAA Exclusive unfolds with a tantalizing blend of peppery accents and a subtle, inherent sweetness. Before long, the pre-light cashew note effortlessly weaves into the overall flavor profile, contributing to its nuanced complexity. The early stages of this experience are marked by the emergence of a captivating black tea undertone, adding a layer of intrigue to the sensory journey.

As the cigar progresses, the foundation is defined by a persistent nuttiness, complemented by a subtle underlying sweetness that metamorphoses into the velvety richness of sweet cream as the midpoint is reached. The journey through the second third introduces a mild evolution of spice notes, gradually intensifying into a peppery reemergence.

Approaching the final third, a subtle transition unfolds, ushering in a predominant woody note that lends a contemplative depth to the overall character. The sweetness, having peaked earlier, gracefully recedes, allowing the peppery facet of the blend to take center stage as the cigar concludes, leaving a lingering impression of robust flavor. This is certainly a box buy and I rate this a 95.

Point Deductions: (-1) Slight wave in burn in final

Bonus Points: (+1) Pleasurable and Moderately Complex and Balanced in Flavor; (+1) Box Buy

Don Pepin Vintage Edition Nicaragua TAA Exclusive

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