Cigar Review: Drew Estate Freestyle Live – Mystery Cigar – Rated 94

Well folks, May 6th, is the day, the big reveal, the huge announcement. What am I talking about? Those that know, understand, but just in case – I am talking about the Drew Estate Mystery cigar which you got if you were lucky enough to purchase the event package. The package as you know, came with a waterproof travel humidor holding three naked cigars that will be explained on the Drew Estate Freestyle Live Event, May 6th starting at 7PM. It also came with a lighter, a Xikar cutter, and FreeStyle Lanyard, and an entry into an amazing Drew Estate Raffle. All this for $40.00!.

The Mystery Cigar

Drew Estate has kept the brand of this mystery cigar a closely guarded secret and we will all smoke one during the event as they reveal what this new cigar is. Since there were three in the package, and I have been looking at this travel humidor for a few weeks, I decided I would remove one and check it out. It looks damn good and seems worthy of a review. With so little information, I will only be able to tell you what I experienced in burn, flavors, aromas, and looks.

So here we go:

1st – This is a solidly built cigar that is pressed into a toro vitola. The wrapper is dark brown and toothy with minimal veins and is fairly even colored throughout. I might guess this is a well aged San Andres leaf, but I could be wrong. The packing is tight from head to foot. There are no soft spots or give detected anywhere in the construction. The cigar is finished with a simple cap.

2nd. – Pre-light aromas were quite pleasant on this. I detected a mildly pungent and spicy set of aromas along the barrel while the foot offered enticing notes of cocoa and nut. I like how this is shaping up. This yet to be named morsel of delight has me wanting to cut it and give it some cold draw puffs.

3rd – I used my double blade Xikar cutter, fresh out of the package to give the cap a clean and smooth slice across the shoulder. Careful examination, of the head, shows a couple of stems but nothing that is going to give me an issue. In fact, I have said it before, stems add flavor, so long as they are placed correctly in the bunching so as to combust properly. I gave it some cold draw puffs that I found to be lightly peppered with a hint of fruit, all delivered though a perfectly restricted draw.

4th – The most critical step, warming the foot with my new Freestyle, single flame, torch lighter. I held the flame away from the foot and slowly let the leaf warm to the heat as I rotated the barrel. Once there was noticeable ignition, I took the first puff of the mystery cigar which graced my palate with an initial pepper blast to get the journey started.

So how does this perform? Here is the break down in photos and notes:

Drew Estate Freestyle Live – Mystery Cigar
Drew Estate Freestyle Live – Mystery Cigar
Drew Estate Freestyle Live – Mystery Cigar
Drew Estate Freestyle Live – Mystery Cigar
Drew Estate Freestyle Live – Mystery Cigar
  • First puffs offer smooth pepper blast to the plate and nasals
  • Oodles of naturally sweet smoke enter as the pepper notes recede
  • Light grey ash forms on a thin char line
  • This has a very liga privada like burn – lots of smoke trying its best to keep the burn even
  • Fruit and toasted bread notes join the party and entice the palate
  • Light spice notes brighten the mix
  • The ash has been holding on long and solid
  • Dry fruit notes linger on the palate after each exhale
  • Butter cracker aroma wafts off the foot
  • Touch of sweet cinnamon appears deep in second third
  • Ash finally fell, revleaing a well defined burn cone
  • Spice notes grow as it progresses into the final third
  • Toasted Caramel notes wrap the spic for a delightful finish
  • Medium in strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 50 Minutes

Final Analysis

I will not venture to say what I think this cigar is. There have been many guesses and thoughts since the packages were picked up. I will say, it had the burn quality of a Liga Privada but not the strength. This is a medium strength cigar more akin to the Undercrown line. Either way, it was flavorful and aromatic from foot to nub and certainly one I would buy more of. I found the flavors to be quite pleasant and well transitioned. I enjoyed the core of natural sweetness throughout the burn that shifted around a supporting cast of flavor characters. I guess we will find out May 6th what this tasty treat is. I will stand by my thought, that it has a San Andres wrapper. As for a rating? Let’s tally it up.

For now, until I smoke more and compare the experience, I rate this a 94 based on the random one I picked out the three.

Point Deductions: (-1) Slight Wave in Burn;

Bonus Points: (+1) Long Ash

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