Cigar Review: Fair Warning Box Pressed Toro Rabito by Espinosa Cigars and Caravan Cigar Club – Rated 94

One of the latest collaborations in the cigar market this year is known as the Fair Warning. It is a cigar blended by Héctor Alfonso of Espinosa Premium Cigars with some thinking from Caravan Cigar Company (CCC) owner, Brian Lewis. The CCC website explains:

“When we started Caravan Cigar Company in 2017 we had a dream of doing things a little different. When we approached Espinosa Cigars about doing an exclusive cigar we knew we wanted to well…do something a little different. We realized that the barber pole was something they did not have on their arsenal of releases. However it couldn’t just be a traditional Maduro and Connecticut barber pole, it hard to be “different”. Insert the evil mind of Héctor Alfonso and Brian’s idea of thinking outside the box. So Héctor made ONE blend, just ONE and knew it was the blend that would be the home run we were looking for. With that said, we told everyone when we started we were here to stay and some believed us and well some didn’t…we gave them #FairWarning and well, now here it is.”

Fair Warning Box Pressed Toro Rabito

They describe the blend as:

  • Wrapper – Brazilian Oscuro/Candela
  • Binder – Jalapa 
  • Filler – Esteli and Condega 

The Fair Warning is expressed in two vitolas, each comes packaged in 10 and 5-count packs.

  • Box Pressed Toro Rabito – $10.00/cigar by 10-count pack
  • Robusto – $10.00/cigar by 10-count pack

For the next few weeks you can get these for $8.00 based on the Caravan Cigar Company Shop Page as of May 2022. For this review, I sampled three of the Box Pressed Toro Rabitos which I received from the company for the purpose of reviewing on Stogie Press.

Pre-Light Examination

The Fair Warning Rabito is well constructed and good looking box pressed barber pole. It sports an oily brown and dark green candela leaf combination and is expertly finished with a triple cap and small fuse tip. The Box press on this is crisp and and the cigar is firmly packed from head to foot.

Fair Warning Box Pressed Toro Rabito

A single band adorns the cigar. It uses a brown and white motif and is embossed with the name “Fair Warning” in the center and “Caravan Cigar Company” above. The back of the band has the CCC logo and the side denotes it is made at the La Zona factory.

Fair Warning Box Pressed Toro Rabito

As far as pre-light aromas, I did not pick much if any along the barrel but the foot offered notes of chocolate, nut, and spice.

Once I sliced the cap, straight across the shoulder, I gave the Fair Warning a few cold draw puffs that I found to draw me in with notes of buttery nut and a growing crushed red pepper. Oh boy, is the name Fair Warning accurate? We shall see. A few more cold draws, which I found to be spot with restriction, my palate was growing with that red paper flake.

I chose to use the soft flame of a lit cedar spill to warm the foot and get the party started. I felt the fragility of the candela would appreciate the soft flame. The first puffs quickly awoke the nasal with a heavy burst of pepper through the initial retro-hale. Follow along as I burn this one to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

Fair Warning Box Pressed Toro Rabito
Fair Warning Box Pressed Toro Rabito
Fair Warning Box Pressed Toro Rabito
Fair Warning Box Pressed Toro Rabito
Fair Warning Box Pressed Toro Rabito
Fair Warning Box Pressed Toro Rabito
  • Initial bust of red pepper – especially on the retro hale
  • A layer of natural sweetness balanced out the pepper
  • Beautiful white ash forms on top of thin even char line
  • Grassy herbal notes add to the mix as more of the candela is expressed
  • The pepper has toned down a bit and gives way to caramel and spice
  • The burn line thickens a bit but still demonstrating an even line
  • Sweetness and fruit join the mix adding additional pleasure
  • Slight off burn develops end of the first third
  • Ash fell revealing an off centered burn cone
  • Herbal notes swirl back in with an added mild spice
  • Burn begins to even out with out a touch-up
  • Caramel aroma wafts off the foot
  • A hint of dark chocolate enters deep in second third
  • Herbal swirls back
  • Increased spice down to the finish
  • Medium in Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 35 minutes

Final Analysis

The Fair Warning Box Pressed Toro Rabito was a fabulous barber pole cigar, highlighting the dual Candela and Brazilian Oscuro wrappers. From pre-light to first puffs you have been fairly warned as the red pepper notes are front and center. Don’t fear though, that all settles down after a half inch of burn as the characteristic of this well blended cigar begins to shine. Natural tobacco sweetness and herbal notes swirl in and calm the palate preparing it for what’s to come including fruit, caramel, herb, dark chocolate and spice. Worth grabbing a bundle. I rate this a solid 94. Great Job Guys!

Point Deductions: (-1) Slight Off Burn; (-1) Off Centered Burn Cone

Bonus Points: (+1) Pleasurable and Consistent across multiple samples; (+1) Buy a Bundle

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