Cigar Review: Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle David – Rated 97

Back in October, Foundation Cigar Company announced the release of two new extensions to their famed “The Tabernacle” line of cigars. A big part of the company’s portfolio, “The Tabernacle” blend prominently features Connecticut broadleaf tobacco. Foundation Cigars owner, Nicholas Melillo, has a deep connection, as a native son, to Connecticut soil where this special leaf is grown.

Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle David

The announcement declared two new perfect sizes to the Tabernacle line, continuing to draw on biblical inspiration:

  • David (5 x 54) – MSRP $12.00
  • Goliath (5 x 58) – MSRP $14.00

The David and Goliath both feature the same blend as the original “The Tabernacle”:

  • Wrapper – Rich Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder – San Andres
  • Filler – Honduran (Jamastrán) and Nicaraguan (Jalapa and Estelí valleys)

As part of the the press release for the David and Goliath, Melillo stated:

“Anyone who has smoked Connecticut cigar brands of old knows the Perfecto is a classic size. Back in the day it was the vitola of choice for connoisseurs. When it came time to create a line extension to the Tabernacle, the blend in these two sizes could not be ignored.

The Tabernacle blend in these two sizes deliver depth, complexity, body, and flavor. These sizes are special because they complement an amazing blend of some of the best tobaccos in the world.”

For this review, I will focus on the The Tabernacle David, which I purchased from Maxi’s Cigar Lounge in Franklin Square, NY as part of the Stogie Press 2020 Mission to KEEP THE LIGHTS ON.

Pre-Light Examination

The Foundation Cigars “The Tabernacle – David” is a short perfecto with an oily, medium to dark brown wrapper that has a few bumps and veins along the barrel. It is solid to the touch, well formed and decently capped.

Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle David

Two bands adorn the cigar. The primary band is a fine piece of art, depicting the biblical David slaying Goliath. It denotes that this is “THE TABERNACLE” and also “CT BROADLEAF“. A secondary band is placed just below the primary and identifies the vitola as “DAVID 5 x 54 PERFECTO“.

Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle David

As I ran the David across my nasals, I picked up a naturally sweet and spicy tobacco along the barrel. With the perfecto foot, I did not sense any aroma off the foot.

I sliced the pointed cap at a 45 degree angle and proceeded to take some cold draw puffs that were right on with restriction and offered earthy and sweet notes to entice the palate.

I quickly warmed the foot with my double flame torch, which took to the flame well and promptly delivered a palate filling, floral and caramel laden smoke. Follow along as I burn “The Tabernacle – David” to ash.

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Cigar Review Notes

Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle David
Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle David
Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle David
Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle David
  • Initial light delivers notes of floral and caramel
  • Cream notes move in
  • White ash forms well on an even thick char line
  • Natural sweetness wraps the cream well
  • Cedar notes add nicely to the profile near midway
  • Floral aromas have been developing
  • The solid white ash fell after a good half of the burn, revealing a perfect burn cone
  • Mild spice notes enter starting the second half
  • Syrupy aroma deep in the second half
  • Cream nuances enter in the final
  • Medium Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was a pleasuable1 hour and 10 Minutes

Overall, the Foundation Cigars “The Tabernacle David” was a very pleasurable, slightly complex and balanced smoking journey, which is what I have come to expect from Nick and his Foundation Cigars team. The journey started with floral and caramel notes and continued to evolve in flavor and aroma from foot to nub. The ash held for a good half or more of the cigar and the burn was pristine. Definitely worth grabbing a five pack of. I rate this a 97. I have the Goliath to review next and will see how it stands up to David.

Point Deductions: NONE

Bonus Points: (+1) Extreme Ash; (+1) Pristine Burn; (+1) Consistent Across Multiple Samples

Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle David