Cigar Review: Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro – Rated 95

Lina and John Remer recently introduced a new cigar known as the Devil in Disguise. This is their first collaborated cigar since their whirlwind wedding in Last Vegas. The couple noted that there are some similarities to their previous offerings (La Linas, J and F Trains) and this cigar offers a medium to bold profile of some of Nicaragua’s best tobaccos.

Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro

The couple chose a blend that is described as:

  • Wrapper: Habano Rosado
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua

The Devil in Disguise is expressed in a single (6 x 52) toro and comes packaged in 10-count bundles with an MSRP of $97.50/10-pack or $9.75/cigar.

The cigar is hand crafted at the Espinosa Premium Cigars, La Zona factory, in Estelí, Nicaragua.

For this review, I sampled 3 of these, which I received from the couple for the purpose of reviewing on Stogie Press.

Pre-Light Examination

The Devil in Disguise sports a silky smooth medium reddish-brown wrapper that exhibits minimal veins and light oily sheen. The cigar is firm from head to foot with no soft spots detected. A well applied triple cap finishes the construction.

Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro

A single black, red, and white band adorns the cigar. It displays the name “Devil in Disguise” proudly in the center.

Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro

Running the cigar along the nose I did not pick up much along the barrel, but the pre-light off the foot offered a rich caramel aroma.

I opened the cap with my CigarMedics Baller cutter and proceeded to give it some cold draw puffs that I found to offer a blended mix of pepper and salt.

Using my dual flame torch, I warmed the foot to an even orange glow and drew in the first puffs of pepper and citrus to start the journey. Follow along as I burn this devil to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro
Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro
Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro
Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro
Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro
Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro
Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro
  • Pepper and citrus to start
  • The early profile is a tad harsh
  • A light grey, stacking dimes ash, forms on top of a thin wavy char line
  • Natural tobacco sweetness joins the mix
  • The smoke is thick and creamy on every puff
  • A touch of spice and continued citrus and earth notes bring you into the second third
  • Mild berry notes brighten the profile while the foot wafts notes of toasted cracker
  • The ash continued to grow and finally fell in a huge chunk revealing a well-defined and centered burn cone
  • Strength is ratcheting up deeper in second third
  • Dry fruit adds in the mix
  • There is an increased sweetness moving into the final third
  • Dark chocolate notes join the final few puffs
  • Strength has surprisingly moved to full in the final (Devil in Disguise?)
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 35 minutes

Final Analysis

Pepper and citrus notes set the stage for the Devil in Disguise journey – though the early profile is a bit harsh. Natural tobacco sweetness soon joins the mix smoothing out the harshness, while each puff produces thick and creamy smoke. As you move into the second third, a touch of spice accompanies the continued citrus and earthy notes. Mild berry notes brighten the profile, and the foot releases notes of toasted cracker. The strength intensifies deeper into the second third, with dry fruit adding to the complexity. As you transition into the final third, an increased sweetness emerges, culminating in dark chocolate notes that enrich the final few puffs. Strength moved to full, and this is one that creeps up on you, so I do suggest eating something before enjoying the Devil. This is worth picking up a bundle. I rate this a 95. If you are looking to get your hands on these, you can get them at New Tobacco Village online.

Point Deductions: (-1) Tad Harsh to start; (-1) Mild Jag in Burn

Bonus Points: (+1) Buy a Bundle; (+1) Balanced and Pleasurable across multiple samples; (+1) Extreme Ash

Johnny Smokes Uncut – Devil in Disguise Toro

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