Cigar Review: Konscious Cigar Lancero – Rated 97

As Konscious Cigars owner Kevin “King” Brown states – “Ignite Your Konsciousness“, a term he uses to describe the state of mind you should be in when enjoying a fine cigar. I have reviewed some other cigars from this young company, but the spotlight deserves to be on his lancero. The first of his blends and highlighting a terrific blend. Though his line of cigars is relatively new to the industry, Kevin himself is not. He and some partners opened the first African American lounge in the Tampa area for a number of years and he enjoyed cigars for years before that. It all came together when he reached out to Karen Berger, owner of Don Kiki Cigars in Daytona Beach and the owner of the “K” by Karen Berger line of cigars. The company debuted their portfolio at the 2023 PCA Trade Show.

Konscious Cigar Lancero

The company describes the blend as:

  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan

The cigar is expressed in a (7 x 38) lancero vitola and it comes packaged in 20-count boxes with an MSRP of $11.00. If your local shop does not carry these, you can order them by the box, bundle or even singles right from the company’s website. The blend is also expressed in a toro and robusto format.

For this review I sampled two of these, which were provided by the company to review on Stogie Press.

Pre-Light Examination

This is a beautifully constructed lancero with a silky smooth dark tan wrapper that exhibits a light oily sheen and just a few veins. The barrel has just the right give when pressed between the fingers from foot to head. The roll is excellent with pretty much hidden seams and a well applied cap finishes the construction.

Konscious Cigar Lancero

A single band adorns the cigar, which is the same on all their lines. It uses a primary black and gold motif with the colorful company logo in the center and the name Konscious just below. If you take the time to examine the artwork on the band, there is a much to be told about Konciousness.

Konscious Cigar Lancero

Running the Mafioso along the nose, I detected a pleasant baking spice aroma along the barrel, while the foot exudes a certain barnyard scent.

I opened the cap using my CigarMedics Baller cutter that made a perfect opening and allowed me to get a great draw. The cold draw was spot on with restriction and offered notes of a natural sweetness and saltiness with a touch of tanginess.

Using my single flame Xikar lighter, I warmed the foot to an even orange glow as I drew in the first puffs of pepper and caramel smoke to start the journey. Follow along as I burn this one to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

Konscious Cigar Lancero
Konscious Cigar Lancero
Konscious Cigar Lancero
Konscious Cigar Lancero
Konscious Cigar Lancero
Konscious Cigar Lancero
  • The journey starts with a lacing of peppery spice that gently coats the palate
  • A toasted caramel note adds to the early pleasure
  • Light grey ash forms on top of a medium thick and fairly even char line
  • Creamy notes evolve deep in the first quarter
  • Ash fell in a nice chunk revealing a well-formed and centered burn cone
  • A hint of cocoa mixes into the profile
  • Delicate spice notes and sweetness round it all out, moving through the second quarter
  • Enticing maple syrup aroma fills the air wafting off the foot
  • The burn has been nothing short of excellent so far
  • Cocoa notes morph into a darker chocolate sensation moving into the final quarter
  • The peppery spice reemerges down at the nub adding a pleasant and satisfying finish to the journey
  • Medium in Strength
  • Total smoking time was 1 hour and 20 minutes

Final Analysis

The Konscious Cigars Lancero journey commences with a subtle peppery spice delicately enticing the taste buds. A delightful hint of toasted caramel emerges early in the burn, enhancing the initial experience. Within the first quarter, velvety creamy undertones develop, adding depth to the flavor profile. Gradually, a cocoa weaves its way into the overall taste, complementing the blend. As the cigar progresses through the second quarter, intriguing spice notes intertwine with a touch of sweetness, creating a harmonious balance as an enchanting maple syrup aroma emanates from the foot of the cigar. Moving into the final quarter, the cocoa nuances transform into a richer, darker chocolate sensation, enriching the flavor journey and then the initial peppery spice resurfaces towards the end, contributing to a gratifying and satisfying conclusion to a captivating journey.

Konscious Cigars describes their lancero as an everyday smoke and I have to say they are spot on. This is one that I feel you would not get bored with. With its balanced and pleasantly nuanced blend of flavors and medium strength it you may want keep it in your daily rotation and enjoy this anytime of the day. This is most certainly a box buy. I rate this a solid 97.

Point Deductions: NONE

Bonus Points: (+1) Balanced and Consistent across multiple samples; (+1) Box Buy; (+1) Straight Even Burn

Konscious Cigar Lancero

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