Cigar Review: Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey – Rated 95

Tabac Trading Company, owned by Master Blender Patrick Potter, has been growing since 2015. The company has produced some amazing craft, both in blends and construction. This year, Patrick showcased a blend, known as the Milk & Honey at the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) in Las Vegas, NV. In fact he showcased three different blends of the Milk & Honey. It should be noted, the original Milk & Honey was the first blend Patrick created back in 2015 but he rebranded it in 2020.

Patrick notes:

The Connecticut is a combination of Nicaraguan Habano, Corojo and Criollo tobaccos, the binder under went a special fermentation to bring out the natural sweetness of the binder and I wrapped in two River Valley Connecticut shade wrappers to prevent splitting or cracking.

Matcha is also a combination of Nicaraguan Habano, Corojo, and Criollo tobaccos with just a stinth more ligero, featuring the same binder and dressed in two Double Claro (candela) wrappers.

Black Sugar is also a combination of Nicaraguan Habano, Corojo, and Criollo tobaccos with just a bit more ligero to increase its strength while maintaining its sweetness and smooth finish. This cigar is dressed in a well fermented San Andres Broadleaf.

Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey

Todays review will focus on the original Connecticut Milk & Honey which just so happens to be the first blend Patrick created back in 2015 but he rebranded in 2020. I will also be reviewing the Matcha and Black Sugar soon.

The Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey has blend described as:

  • Wrapper – River Valley Connecticut shade (double wrapped)
  • Binder – Undisclosed
  • Filler – Nicaraguan Habano, Corojo and Criollo

The Milk & Honey is expressed in a single (5 1/8 x 55) robusto vitola and comes packaged in 30-count boxes with an MSRP of $300.00/box. The company notes that these should be purchased by the box as it is described as a perfect morning cigar, so buy the box and smoke one every morning. As Patrick says; “Every Morning Should Be This Amazing”.

The Milk & Honey, like other Tabac Trading Co. cigars are hand crafted at Las Villas Cigars in Nicaragua by a master cigar maker, Guillermo Pena.

For this review, I sampled a half dozen of the Milk & Honey over the course of the last month and I agree, it is a great morning cigar.

Pre-Light Examination

The Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey is draped with a smooth golden tan US Connecticut wrapper. The cigar is well packed with just the right give along the barrel. There are a few noticeable veins in the wrapper. I really like the look of the foot, with the noticeable swirl of dark leaf. The presentation is finished with a triple cap.

Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey

A single custom die-cut band adorns the cigar using a gold, black, and white motif. The design tells the story of the cigar in that there are two honey bees, one on each side, representing the honey and a milk cow on the bottom representing the milk. The name “Milk & Honey” is printed in the center with the company name “Tabac Trading Co.” just below.

Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey

As I ran the Milk & Honey along the nose, I noted the lightly pungent note along the barrel while the foot was a tad earthy and sweet.

Once I sliced the cap, straight across the shoulder of the cigar, I gave it some cold draw puffs. The restriction was spot on and my palate was graced with notes of spice, earth, and bitter honey. I gave it some more cold puffs and there was something else. I had to think about it. After some thought and multiple samples, I am going to say it was pear notes that were resting on the center my tongue.

With the pre-light exam out of the way, I reached for my double flame torch to warm the foot and drew in the first sweet and spicy puffs. Follow along as I burn the Milk & Honey to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey
Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey
Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey
Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey
Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey
  • Early notes of mild spice and sweetness
  • Thick creamy smoke fills the palate
  • A solid light grey ash forms on top of a thick and even char line
  • Definitely roasted honey notes start to coat the palate
  • Hot chocolate aroma wafts off the foot
  • Ash fell after a long run, revealing a flat but centered burn cone
  • Coffee and cream notes enter moving into the second third
  • Honey notes really start to show at this stage
  • Aroma shifts to a cashew nut
  • Cedar notes brighten the profile deep in the second third
  • The nut finds its way onto the palate
  • Mint notes appear at the end of second third (this was absolutely consistent across all samples)
  • Increase honey sweetness and cream in the final with a lingering nut
  • Mild – Medium strength
  • Total Smoking Time was a pleasant 1 hour and 45 Minutes

Final Analysis

I have had most every blend in the Tabac Trading Co. portfolio and the Milk & Honey is by far the best I have had to date. It is a complex and balanced cigar that treats your palate to excellent flavor and aroma transitions from foot to nub. Honey sweetness and cream really start to shine midway down, after treating you to a cornucopia of notes in the first half. The mint note deep in the burn is an added and welcome bonus in the profile. The burn was error free across every sample. Box worthy? Absolutely!! I rate this a solid 95.

Point Deductions: (-1) Flat Burn Cone

Bonus Points: (+1) Complex and Balanced; (+1) Pleasurable and Repeatable Experience Across Multiple Samples

Tabac Trading Co. Milk & Honey

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