Cigar Review: Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1 – Rated 86

Sometimes in the cigar world, whats old is new, and that is very much the case for the Tatuaje Nuevitas. This is a cigar that was in a much younger Pete Johnson’s line up over ten years ago and was since discontinued. The original line was made by Pedro Martin’s Tropical Tobacco which was subsequently acquired by Aganorsa Leaf. Now over a decade later, Pete has reintroduced the Nuevitas line and moved production of it to My Father Cigars, S.A. in Nicaragua. Pete says the blend is the same, but he decided to add a bright orange branding for it whereas the original was a naked cigar.

Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1

The blend is described as Nicaraguan puro:

  • Wrapper – Nicaraguan Corojo ’99
  • Binder – Nicaraguan
  • Filler – Nicaraguan

The Tatuaje Nuevitas is expressed in 3 vitolas and come packaged in 50-count boxes:

  • Jibaro No. 1 – Robusto Extra (5 x 54) MSRP $9.50
  • Jibaro No. 2 – Toro (6 x 52) MSRP $9.50
  • Nuevitas Esteli – Robusto (5 x 52) MSRP $8.50

For this review, I sampled one of the Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1 cigars that I received as part of a Smoke Inn Great Smoke package. In case you are interested, the term “Jibaro” translates to “peasant, or poor farmer”.

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Pre-Light Examination

The Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1 is a milk chocolate brown cigar that has minimal veins and light marbling through the wrapper leaf. The cigars has a decent weight and feels solid to the touch. The vitola is finished with a well applied triple cap and a shaggy foot (exposed binder and filler).

Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1

A single band adorns the Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1, using a bright orange background witht he name “NUEVITAS” on top and “JIBARO” on the bottom, A gold cross is centered in the middle on a whote background and “TATUAJE” is printed on both sides.”

Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1

From a pre-light aroma, the barrel did not have much but the foot exuded notes of floral and pepper.

I neatly sliced the cap straight across the shoulder and proceeded to give it some cold draw puffs that offered a mild pepper note along with nut and coffee.

I thought about the best way to ignite this, considering the shaggy foot. Having enjoyed others shaggy foot cigars, I chose to use the soft flame of a cedar spill to get the journey started. The foot took to the flame well and ignited right up. Follow along as I burn this one to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1
Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1
Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1
Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1
Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1
Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1
  • The initial puffs were a tad harsh to start
  • After a short time it settles quickly into a mild pepper and coffee set of notes
  • Light grey ash forms on a wavy and medium char line
  • Coffee notes become more pronounced after an inch of burn as the pepper recedes
  • Cocoa aroma wafts off the foot
  • Ash falls in decent chunk revealing an inward burn that needed a touch-up
  • Foot was getting crunchy
  • Creamy notes enter and blend well with the coffee and cocoa
  • Light spice deep in second third
  • Mild IPA like bitterness joins the profile as it enters the final
  • Medium in Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 30 minutes

Overall, the Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1 was an ok cigar that offered decent flavors and aroma through the journey once you get past the harsh start. Where this one really comes up short is in the burn. It develops an early wave and when the ash fell, it revealed an inward burn cone and crunchy foot. Once touched-up it started to behave better. This one I may try again but I would not gravitate to it in on the shelf. I rate this an 86.

Point Deductions: (-1) Wavy Burn; (-1) Touch-up Required; (-2) Inward Burn;(-1) Harsh Start; (-1) Slight Off Burn; (-1) Crunchy Foot; (-1) May Try one again

Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1