Cigar Review: The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1 – It’s not a Dog Rocket, but…

After months, or perhaps years, Kevin “Commish” Parow, the founder of the New England Cigar Militia Group has finally produced his long awaited branded cigar – The New England Cigar Militia Reserva No. 1. After always talking about the many dog rockets he has smoked and ultimately tossed out of windows at 60 MPH, Kevin set his sights on creating a cigar that represents what he likes. The process started by aligning with Kevin Schweitzer, owner of Rock-A-Feller Cigars, a man respected for not creating dog rockets.

The duo of Kevin(s) spent time together at the American Caribbean factory in Estelí, Nicaragua tasting leaf after leaf, smelling the aromas and examining the texture and quality of each leaf before deciding on the blend that would please the Commish.

The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1

The result was a (6 x 52) toro vitola with a blend described as:

  • Wrapper – Mexico (San Andrés)
  • Binder – Undisclosed
  • Filler – Nicaraguan

The MSRP is set between $10.00 to $12.00 per cigar and they come packaged in 5 and 20 count packs. The first run of the blend was made exclusively for the The Cigar Militia Shop in Columbia, South Carolina to be the first to carry the new line.

Kevin “The Commish” Parow, founder of the New England Cigar Militia stated:

I teamed up with Kevin Schweitzer from Rockefeller Cigars to produce an exceptional 6 x 52 Toro. This cigar boasts a Toothy San Andrés wrapper and fillers from Estelí and other undisclosed sources, giving it a truly robust flavor.

You may be curious why I decided to collaborate with Cigar Militia. But why not? It was a “No Brainer ” It’s a fantastic chance to work together with a cigar shop that shares the same name after contacting Alex at Cigar Militia. He loved the idea and immediately jumped on board. This is also a special moment for them. Cheers.

Our mission is to delight our devoted supporters. We hope you will relish it as much as we appreciate crafting it.

So how good is this cigar? Is it better than a DOG ROCKET? Read on and you will discover. I got a few from The Commish himself to sample and give my feedback.

Pre-Light Examination

The first thing that impressed me was when I took the cigar out of the cello and looked over the aged, dark brown, oily, and toothy San Andrés wrapper. The bunching was firm with just right the give and there are just a few noticeable veins running along the barrel. A simple cap finishes the presentation.

The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1

The Commish told me he spent a lot of time working on the design of the band for cigar. The band really pops on the dark background of the cigar, using a rich and patriotic red, blue, and silver motif. The center of the band features a colonial patriot puffing a cigar. The name “CIGAR MILITIA” is boldly printed in silver above and below and the bottom notes it is the New England Cigar Militia. White stars between red lines border the band on top and bottom. The left-side of the band states “Reserva No. 1”. The right-side states it is made in “Collaboration with Cigar Militia and Curated by Rock-A-Feller”.

The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1

But as we all know, beautiful bands sell cigars once, but the real test is in the total experience from Pre-light to nub. So, let’s get deeper into the The New England Cigar Militia Reserva No. 1.

Running the cigar along the nose I picked up a slightly pungent fermented leaf aroma along the barrel while the foot exuded notes of barnyard with a hint of natural tobacco sweetness.

I used my CigarMedics Baller cutter to properly open the cap and gave it some cold draw puffs that certainly pleased my senses with notes of nut and raisin spice. The restriction was spot on. This is one I cold puffed a bit more to enjoy the prime leaf that was about to be burned.

Using my double flame torch, I warmed the foot gently to an even orange glow, as I drew in the first puffs of white pepper to start the journey. Follow along as I burn this one to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1
The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1
The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1
The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1
The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1
The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1
The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1
The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1
  • Mild white pepper greets the palate offering a slight tingle on the lips
  • After a few peppery puffs, citrus notes begin to evolve
  • A solid light grey ash forms on top of a thin char line
  • A touch of earth finds its way into the mix
  • The smoke is thick, creamy, and mouth filling (good smoke ring texture)
  • The early profile is balanced out with natural sweetness and cream
  • As the solid ash fell it revealed a perfect “rose bud” burn cone
  • Getting into the second third there are mild spice notes, adding more dimension
  • A slight wave develops in the burn but no touch ups are required
  • Fun Fact – I let one sample rest for 3 minutes and when I picked it up it was still ignited!
  • Mild dark chocolate nuances join the profile deep in the second third
  • Increased spice and earth takes it through the final third
  • Medium to Full in Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 45 minutes

Final Analysis

Ok, the New England Cigar Militia Reserva No. 1 is no Dog Rocket. In fact, it was a every pleasurable smoking experience. Upon the first puff, a delightful cascade of mild white pepper danced across the palate, leaving a gentle tingle that caresses the lips. As the experience unfolds with each peppery puff, a symphony of citrus notes gracefully emerges, lending a zesty brightness to the overall flavor profile. Amidst the evolving taste, a subtle touch of earthiness weaves its way into the mix, adding a grounding element to the smoke’s delightful complexity.

The smoke itself is nothing short of indulgence; thick, creamy, and mouth-filling, it envelops the senses with its impeccable texture. The balance of flavor is enhanced by a natural sweetness and creaminess, harmoniously blending with the earlier notes. As the journey progresses into the second third, mild spice notes join the ensemble, adding an intriguing new dimension to the smoking experience. Deep within the second third, mild dark chocolate nuances make an appearance, infusing the profile with a subtle richness that complements the already pleasant journey. As the final third approaches, the intensity of spice and earth increases, leading the cigar to a satisfying and flavorful conclusion. Overall, this cigar captivates with its harmonious blend of nuanced flavors, luxurious smoke, and impeccable burn, making it a truly exceptional and memorable smoking experience. This is a box worthy smoke and I rate this a 95.

Point Deductions: (-1) Mild Wave in burn

Bonus Points: (+1) Pleasurable and consistent across multiple samples; (+1) Box Worthy

The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1

3 thoughts on “Cigar Review: The New England Cigar Militia Reserve No. 1 – It’s not a Dog Rocket, but…

  • New England Cigar Militia Reserve #1:
    While smoking the first 10 cigars: In my personal palate’s opinion: Bold + Smooth + Solid = EFFORTLESS.
    While smoking the 11th & 12th: In my personal palate’s opinion: Bold + Smooth + Solid + Elevated = FLAWLESS.
    The critique & review conducted by STOGIE PRESS, in my opinion only, is “ON-POINT”. No doubts from me.

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