Cigar Review: TraiDora by D. Ellan Robusto – Rated 95

Elan Diab, is the owner of House of Cigar in Ohio. The company has 8 retail shops across the state and is the largest in the state. Diab has a wholesale operation, retail outlets and a full up cigar brand also. One of his latest releases back in June, 2022 was a line called TraiDora, an interesting name that translates into “Traitor” (Feminine).

Diab explained the naming to me:

We all had that experience where we were in a relation and we trusted the other party, and then we found out they were not a good person, the other parted cheated on us, betrayed us.

TraiDora by D. Ellan

The blend is described as:

  • Wrapper – Habana 2000 Ecuador
  • Binder – HVA Dominicana
  • Filler – Dominican Republic – Piloto Cubano, Criollo 98

The TraiDora is expressed in 6 different vitolas, each packaged in 20-count boxes:

  • Toro (54×6″)
  • Robusto (50×5″)
  • Lancero (40×7″)
  • Corona Gorda (46×6″)
  • Churchill (48×7″) NEW
  • Belicoso (52×6 1/4″) NEW

MSRP is set between $11.00 and $12.00. The robusto I reviewed, and received from Diab for the purpose of reviewing on Stogie Press, has an MSRP of $11.00.

Pre-Light Examination

The TraiDora by D. Ellan is an excellently constructed cigar that has a reddish brown wrapper which exhibits a decent amount of marbling and some noticeable veins. The wrapper has a fine oily sheen. Solid to the touch the cigar is packed well with no soft spots detected in the roll and bunching. An excellently applied pigtail cap finishes the construction.

TraiDora by D. Ellan

A single band adorns the cigar suing a blue, gold and white motif. The Name TraiDora is boldly presented in the center along with “D. Ellan” just below. There are silhouettes of tobacco leaves faintly printed across the band and the phrase “HAND MADE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC” is printed in white inside a gold boarded box on the left.

TraiDora by D. Ellan

Running the cigar along the nose, I picked up a natural sweetness and baking spice note along the barrel while the foot offered a bit of a barnyard aroma

Using my double blade Xikar cutter, I removed the cap with a straight cut, right across the shoulder of the cigar, and gave it some cold draw puffs that I found to be good on restriction and offering notes of rich black pepper on the tongue and lips with a touch of sweetness lingering in the background.

My single flame torch worked fine to warm the foot to an even orange glow as I drew in the the initial puffs of peppery spiced smoke. Follow along as I burn this one to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

TraiDora by D. Ellan
TraiDora by D. Ellan
TraiDora by D. Ellan
TraiDora by D. Ellan
TraiDora by D. Ellan
  • First lit puffs awaken the senses with a burst of peppery spiced smoke
  • Light grey ash forms on top of a medium thick even char line
  • Settles into a natural sweet and mildly tangy fruit sensation
  • Ash fell in decent chunk revealing a flat but centered burn cone
  • Dark chocolate notes midway
  • Spice notes join the mix deep in the second third
  • Ash continued to grow after the first drop down to the nub
  • Spice increases down into the final along with dry bitter cocoa notes
  • Medium in Strength
  • Total Smoking time was 1 hour and 15 Minutes

Final Analysis

Though not overly complex, the TraiDora by D. Ellan did offer a pleasant medium strength smoking experience. The initial lit puffs tantalize the senses, unleashing a fiery explosion of peppery smoke. As the smoke progresses, it transitions into a harmonious blend of natural sweetness and subtly tangy fruit, pleasing the palate. Midway through the experience, rich and intense dark cocoa flavors emerge, adding depth and complexity to the overall profile. Deep into the second third, an exciting interplay of spices joins the ensemble, heightening the sensory journey. With each passing moment the spice intensifies, accompanied by a dry, pleasantly bitter hint of cocoa. Approaching the final stretch, the spice reaches its zenith, creating an exhilarating crescendo, intermingled with lingering notes of cocoa that evoke a sense of satisfaction and completeness. This is a box buy in my book and I rate this a 95.

Point Deductions: (-1) Flat but Centered Burn Cone

Bonus Points: (+1) Box Buy; (+1) Long Solid Ash

TraiDora by D. Ellan

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